Particle Capital Announces Particle - the Fully Customizable White Label Solution for Fractional Investing

The new Particle crowdfunding platform offers a fast, intuitive and cost-effective way to equity fundraise via Reg A, Reg CF and Reg D.

Particle Platform

Particle Capital, a leader in fractional investment solutions, announces the launch of its new white label solution for fractional investing, Particle. The only fully customizable crowdfunding platform on the market, Particle enables asset holders to raise capital via Reg A, Reg CF, or Reg D in a fast, intuitive, and cost-effective way.

With Particle, asset holders can tap into a thriving crowdfunding market that has seen impressive growth over the past few years. According to recent data from KingsCrowd and Fundera, the first quarter of 2023 saw a total investment of $150.3 million across Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) and Regulation A (Reg A) raises, as funds raised through crowdfunding grew 33.7% last year, surpassing $17 billion.

Alternative assets such as real estate, rare collectibles, fine art, jewelry, and intellectual property such as music and films have become attractive investment options for many retail and institutional investors. These assets often outperform traditional stocks during economic downturns while providing historically higher returns. Particle allows asset holders to take advantage of this growing market interest.

"We're thrilled to launch Particle, our white label solution for fractional investing (Reg A/D/CF)," said Joshua Lucas, Head of Product at Particle. "Our platform is designed to help asset holders raise capital quickly and efficiently, with a proven method to maximize investor engagement and ensure a scalable experience. What we are truly excited about, however, is that Particle delivers the promise of being the only fully customizable investment platform - allowing companies to launch quickly while providing unlimited growth potential and a dedicated product team."

The launch of Particle represents years of product development expertise on platforms across over 30 industries, complimented by thousands of hours of product testing, validation, optimization, and consumer insights.

"We believe that Particle is a game-changer for the investment industry," said Lawrence Valenti, Head of Design. "Instead of firms having to pay high fees or launch a single offering within a competitive crowdfunding marketplace, we're providing a white-glove experience for firms to raise millions in capital on their own tech-IP, supported by product development teams that have crafted experiences for Google, Airbnb, Uber, and even Candy Crush."

Leveraging years of market-tested best practices, Particle has developed proven features to optimize the conversion of investors to purchase shares and reduce marketing customer acquisition costs while maximizing investor engagement, retention, and long-term value.

"Architecting a ground-up investment platform that's both functional and customizable with an emphasis on user security has been immensely rewarding. We pride ourselves in creating scalable solutions, and I'm extremely proud of our team's final product from both a usability and technical perspective," stated Micah Lucas, Particle's Head of Engineering.

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Particle is a white-label crowdfunding platform for fractional investing. It is the only fully customizable investment platform on the market - allowing companies to launch quickly with unlimited growth potential and a dedicated product team.

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