Parsec Labs Launches Version 6.0 of Flagship Data Management Platform

Big Data NAS Backup and KVM Support

Parsec Labs today released version 6.0 of its enterprise mobility and Failsafe Data Protection platform. 

The new NAS Backup with fail-safe protection allows the recovery of data when the primary data center is offline or destroyed along with the original Parsec appliance. Immutable data and ransomware protection is provided using S3 endpoints. With a simple interface to handle complex S3 bucket actions and selectable retention periods and windows, Parsec helps customers save money when network access charges are in place. Backup data is always stored in native format to allow data lakes to be built as part of the backup process. Supports machine learning and cloud native analytics.

In addition to NAS Backup, version 6.0 provides a new information-rich landing page showing all connected storage arrays, scheduled job activity, drill-down analysis of block, NFS and SMB mountpoints, as well as S3 buckets from multiple endpoints.

KVM is now supported for virtual machines, along with fiber channel support for VMs.

Parsec Labs goes beyond protecting data. We are dedicated to protecting knowledge.

Source: Parsec Labs, LLC

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