Parse Sites Takes Thinking Out of Doing - Helping Small Businesses Reach for the Stars

With today’s technology, creating a dream website for small and medium-sized business owners can be confusing, time-consuming and far too complicated. Recently launched, Parse Sites provides the ideal solution to building a business’ website. While enabling small business owners the ability to have their own customized and affordable website, Parse Sites also removes the do-it-yourself (DIY) aspect, making it easier than ever to have a website that stands above the rest.

Parse Sites provides a subscription service that builds and maintains websites for small and medium-sized business owners. They offer real-time assistance, a fully managed website, mobile optimization and secure web hosting. Say goodbye to Do-It-Yourself and Hello to Done By Parse.

Offering the ability to build a beautiful website at an affordable price is only part of what Parse Sites delivers. Parse Sites offers a dedicated account manager for each of their customers, allowing complete transparency between customers and their design. They are dedicated to helping create the perfect website for a business in any industry. While they worry about the website, customers can focus on growing their business.

Credibility is the key to success in furthering a business' potential reach, perceived value and overall revenue. Now more than ever, credibility can be easily lost with a poorly designed website. To earn that sense of credibility, businesses need a website that is up-to-date, properly functioning and aesthetically pleasing. Parse Sites prides itself on maintaining those qualities for all its customers.  

“As the Internet has changed over the years, I've noticed that building a website as a small business owner can be difficult. Currently, I see only two options. One, hire an agency that will charge you in the 5-to-6 figure range for a completely custom website and regular maintenance. Two, do it yourself using a website builder which is difficult and time-consuming,” says Sean Heilweil, CEO of Parse Sites, when asked why he and CTO Jarrett Lusso decided to create Parse Sites. Lusso added, “Many small business owners don’t have the budget to build an expensive website and they also likely don’t have the technical skills, time and/or patience to build it themselves. We’ve created Parse Sites to provide them with a third option that bridges the gap between the two."

Parse Sites is paving the way with website design for small business owners. Regardless of industry, Parse Sites is dedicated to building the website business owners need to make the best first impression.

Leesa Minkel
Cache Ventures
Chief of Staff 

Source: Parse Sites


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