Parrish FL Launches "Project Parrish Pride" in August

Parrish FL officially launched a community project called the "Project Parrish Pride" this August.

Parrish FL officially launched a community project called the "Project Parrish Pride" this August. Spearheaded by The Parrish Civic Association, a domestic non-profit corporation, Parrish community has started running a village clean up drive, which was the result of a recent survey held by the Parrish Village News, the community's local newspaper. According to the survey, cleaning up the village was high on the list of what Parrish populace wanted.

The initial action taken was interviewing the local businesses and property owners in order to find out the best means to jumpstart the program and keep the hype for it as it continues to run. Suggestions included pressure washing many of the buildings, painting those that need it, planting Florida friendly plants and flowers, putting shell or asphalt down for parking lots, making small parks in areas that are presently muddy when it rains, putting up benches, painting murals on the side of buildings and more general improvements.

One of the best ideas which came out was having an annual Property Beautification Contest, giving awards for Most Improved Business, and Most Improved Residence, as well as for Most Community Hours Volunteered. Whitney Watson, a community member, said a group of young people aged 11 to 18, should be formed and named "The Parrish Pride Youth Group". She thought the help of young people, with the supervision of the adults of the community, could be used. She consequently volunteered to head the group. Furthermore, even local churches and organizations could be expected of full participation to the program. In addition to brilliant ideas aired for the project, there would be an Awards Banquet each year, for those that participated and of course, for each winning entries.

People behind "Parrish Pride" are of great anticipation that such will help bring their community new businesses. In the survey, Parrish people said that they would like "more local and small home-town businesses, more restaurants, more shops and a town center which is country and rural but still has a historical "feel" about it and provides commercial services for our area".

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