Launches Custom-Made Luxury Dining Chairs and Allows Customer's Own Materials (COM)

Gävleborg Arm Chair, a new brand of UE Seating, Inc., launched a custom dining chair manufacturing company in Linden, New Jersey. ParlorUs offers luxury dining chair furniture for homes, hotels, and offices, which is made from the world's finest European natural wood. ParlorUs prides itself in handcrafting heirloom-quality, luxury dining chairs, which are all made in the USA by skilled craftsmen.

"Uncompromising quality is at the heart of our company's mission because each luxury dining chair that we make is individually crafted by our skilled craftsmen," said co-founder Hillel Posen.

With so much low-quality furniture on the internet, it's hard to distinguish between good and bad choices. ParlorUs identified this issue and aimed to build heirloom-quality luxury dining chairs that are akin to an investment in one's style and/or décor. According to the Parlorus Posh standard, a customer can confidently acquire their luxury furniture, and over time, entrust those luxury chairs from one generation to the next and preserve the customer's legacy.

The tenets of the ParlorUs Posh standard include:

  • Design and make furniture that is unique, stylish, and durable for the customer's home
  • Ensure that each finished furniture is made to last and builds great value for the customer
  • Create attractive European beech wood furniture that is heirloom-quality 

"It's easy to buy from any online furniture store. But when it comes to high-quality and affordable luxury dining chairs, we believe that ParlorUs has the charm and grandeur to win your hearts over," stated Joel Weinstock, co-founder of

Buying certain types of wood furniture is like an investment in quality, style, and character. They also offer long-lasting products at great prices with high aesthetic value that will last for years to come. It's these attributes of wood that allow ParlorUs to find and buy only the best and finest European beech wood to craft their luxury furniture. Each piece of their dining chairs is individually created, and then, handcrafted to make a beautiful dining chair that will last for decades and longer.

Customers can now visit their website and browse their large selection of custom-made dining chairs. Plus, customers can also bring their own materials (e.g. fabric, patterns, leather), which is also known as "customer's own materials" or COM. Their furniture specialists will work with those customers and make the perfect dining room chairs for their homes, hotels, and/or offices. Customers are encouraged to select their preferred dining chairs on their website, and then, request a no-obligation, free quote.

About engages in custom-made luxury dining chairs, which is a furniture manufacturing company in Linden, New Jersey. For over 35 years, UE Seating Inc. has been offering upholstery services, and now, offers hand-made luxury chairs nationwide, including Canada, which are made in the United States.  Call: 201-471-6201

Source: UE Seating Inc.


For over 35 years, we've designed and crafted furniture that will last decades or more. At ParlorUs, we believe our customers deserve furniture fit for a king. Our heart and soul goes into every piece of furniture we create.
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