Parker & Sons Speaks on Its Incredible History

Parker & Sons was founded in 1974 by Jack and Faye Parker. Back then, they were known as Parker & Sons Air Conditioning. It was a simple to person company run out of the old family station wagon. There was hardly enough room for Jack and Faye to fit with all of their tools and supplies.

The culture of Parker & Sons was established in those early years. It is right there in the name; first and foremost, Parker & Sons is a family company, built on family values, dedicated to serving families all across Phoenix.

Jack Parker believed that respect must be earned, and he went about doing just that. He put in long hours make sure each and every job was done right. Where other air conditioning technicians would have said, “good enough,” he said, “we can do better!” In these early years he created the Parker & Sons 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. His words were, “comfort today, or you don’t pay.”

Since 1974, Parker & Sons has grown into Phoenix’s premier home service company. They deliver high-quality plumbing, HVAC, and electrical services to anyone I need. Grandpa Parker’s commitment to excellence has been passed down through the generations. His standards for customer care remain one of the defining characteristics of Parker & Sons more than forty years later.

“When folks call a plumber or a mechanic to service their air conditioning or plumbing system, they assume the job will be completed correctly and professionally. Failing to live up to that expectation is an easy way to lose customers and harm your reputation. That is why at Parker and Sons we emphasize customer service from day one. In our industry it can make all the difference,” said Josh Kelly, of Parker & Sons. “Our desires to ensure absolute customer satisfaction will always define who we are,” he later added.

Parker & Sons welcomes households across The Valley to become part of the Parker & Sons family. They believe in creating long lasting relationships through their winning spirit and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

About Parker & Sons

Keeping You Comfortable With Expert Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Service Since 1974. Parker & Sons has been serving homeowners and businesses in Arizona for over 40 years and is recognized nationally.

Parker & Sons
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