Parker & Sons Recalls History and Their Mission

Parker & Sons has been one of the valley’s most highly esteemed HVAC, electrical, and plumbing service providers for over forty years. Founded by Jack and Faye Parker in 1974, the company has grown beyond what they could have ever imagined. Starting as Parker & Sons Air Conditioning, the business has now grown to include a wide variety of services, such as indoor air quality, reverse osmosis, water softener tune ups and installations, heating and cooling, plumbing services, drain cleaning, misting systems, and even electrical services and projects.  

Back in their day, there were no contracts between service providing companies and clients. Rather, one of the Parker & Sons team members would arrive to a home or building, greet the owner with a smile and a handshake, and get to work. This kind of trust between the Parker & Sons team members and their clientele is what has made them the kind of company they are today. In fact, the company’s goa has remained the same ever since Jack and Faye Parker passed away… which is that the “company goal is to make sure that Grandpa Parker’s tradition of 100% customer satisfaction lives on today.” And the company has continued, and will continue to make that their top priority right next to high quality service and products they provide.

Before both Faye and Jack Parker passed away, Jack would recall how he started out the company with just one service van that was actually an old, family owned station wagon where he and a few other team members would pile in the truck with only a few tools and supplies on the job.

Now, Parker & Sons has over 100 team members in total. The company has expanded so much that they have their own certified vans for their employees to travel to various locations, and they even equip them with fully functioning and up to date technology in the vans, in order to be able to complete any job they have while on the road.

Parker & Sons has a number of deals on services and products that they run seasonally, as well as year round. Be sure to check their website to learn more about their history and what kind of offers they are currently running. 

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