Parker & Sons Offers Advice for Surviving the Oncoming Summer

Nestled in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, Arizona is subject to some of the most brutally high summer temperatures seen anywhere else on Earth. It is a penance that residents of Phoenix must pay for enjoying nearly idyllic temperatures for eight months out of the year. Parker & Sons, one of Phoenix's leading providers of HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair, are quite familiar with the dangers associated with the extreme temperatures of summe

Dehydration, exhaustion, and sun-poisoning are not uncommon. However, quality AC, a positive attitude, and a few simple precautions can help individuals survive the summer months and enjoy the eight other months of near perfection.
Parker & Sons advises; proper hydration is of the utmost importance. Given the arid climate and the intense heat that occurs in the summer (120 degrees temperatures), it is highly advisable to remain ever vigilant about hydration. Drinking a gallon of water per day, abandoning excessive exercise routines (especially outdoor routines), and refraining from excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption can all be conducive to weathering the Arizona heat. If individuals notice any of the following symptoms they may be in danger of dehydration: dry mouth, dizziness, flushing of the skin, headaches, fainting, and confusion. If these symptoms become apparent, medical treatment is advisable.
Of course, staying indoors is the best way to beat the heat. A properly functioning A/C unit can provide delightful, fresh, temperature-controlled air all through the sweltering summer months. There are two concerns that homeowners must consider, the cost of running an A/C unit, and the risk of the unit breaking down. Parker & Sons offers one simple solution to both of these problems, HVAC maintenance. Regular maintenance will keep an A/C unit from breaking down, and it will help an A/C unit perform at peak efficiency.
“Long-time Phoenix residents are familiar with how tough things can get during the summer, but we always find a way through it. In fact, usually, we end up having a blast during the summer! Stay hydrated, and get out of the sun, and you too can have an enjoyable summer,” said Josh Kelly of Parker & Sons.

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