Parametrics Medical Announces National Promotion Agreement With DePuy Synthes to Provide Allografts for Sports Medicine Repairs

Agreement further supports Parametrics' and DePuy Synthes' shared commitment to a comprehensive sports medicine procedural focus as physicians care for a broader patient population

Parametrics Medical announced today that they have entered into a national promotion agreement with DePuy Synthes Mitek Sports Medicine* to market their comprehensive allograft portfolio for sports medicine surgeries in the U.S.

This expanded relationship builds on Parametrics Medical’s commitment to drive innovative sports medicine reconstruction procedures and provides a nationally dedicated sales channel with one of the premier sports medicine organizations. The relationship with Parametrics Medical gives DePuy Synthes a turn-key and scalable allograft solution that (compared to autografts) can reduce operating time and decrease pain and potential complications associated with additional surgical incisions.

Parametrics Medical is led by Dan Leary, president/CEO. “We are very excited about working with DePuy Synthes. This relationship enables Parametrics Medical to deliver nimble innovation and comprehensive procedural solutions to a significantly broader customer and patient base. Our combined portfolios provide the tools necessary to compete at an industry-leading level,” commented Mr. Leary.

Parametrics Medical deploys strict compliance requirements to all aspects of tissue recovery, processing, storage and distribution. With over a 10-year proven safety record, Parametrics Medical delivers allograft tissue that meets the highest standards of safety, clinical efficacy and quality.

Parametrics Medical is an AATB (American Association of Tissue Banks) Accredited organization with a proprietary and scalable supply chain, which enables them to quickly deliver the latest technologies and provide continuous availability of industry-leading tissue in a wide variety of formats for sports medicine surgeries.

DePuy Synthes will be broadly expanding its marketing of the Parametrics allografts within the U.S. in the current quarter.

About Parametrics Medical

Welcome to Parametrics Medical, where we guarantee the highest level of customer service and product satisfaction. Parametrics Medical provides a robust allograft offering with a keen focus on sports medicine. We deploy a variety of processing techniques to include electron beam (Coll-e-Strong), low dose gamma irradiation (Lo-Rad) and true aseptic Non-Irradiated (No-Rad).  One hundred percent of our allografts are recovered from donors within the United States, and all donors go through rigorous screening and testing. Parametrics Medical is accredited by and follows the guidelines set forth by the American Association of Tissue banks (AATB). Parametrics Medical is based in Leander, Texas. Our mission is to provide surgeons and their patients the greatest allograft availability across all processing and preservation techniques while maintaining the highest standards of service, safety and efficacy.

*DePuy Synthes represents the products and services of DePuy Synthes Inc. and its affiliates.

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