Paralegal Rainmakers Launches New Paralegal Mastery Series

Paralegal Rainmakers is now offering a Paralegal Mastery on-line certificate program that incorporates the quality enhancement capabilities of Six Sigma into various legal functions.

Paralegal Rainmakers recently launched several new on-line paralegal programs.  These programs have been developed for those new to the paralegal profession as well as seasoned paralegals.  The programs provide a one of kind approach to handling legal specific job functions.  Access is provided to a virtual law office simulation which provides all participants with the ability to unlock their capabilities while going through the program. The virtual law office allows participants to interact with avatars of different law office personnel while working in a law firm setting.

The paralegal programs are unique in that they incorporate the quality measurement and enhancement methodologies of Six Sigma into various legal processes.  This approach to paralegaling mirrors that of Fortune 500 companies that have implemented Six Sigma in order to provide a competitive advantage within their respective industries.

There are two programs starting in October.  The Paralegal Mastery: Legal Technology program and the Paralegal Mastery:  Legal Research program.

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