Paragon Software to Exhibit its 15-year Expertise in Mobile Software & Content Digitization at Frankfurt Book Fair 2010

CEO Alexander Zudin to speak on best practices in expanding areas of mobile publishing and will be available for one-on-one interviews at Stand D-935, Hall 6.0 in the Mobile Hot Spot

It is a marvel of the modern age: Reference books - literal volumes of information - can be compressed to fit into the tiniest of electronic devices. The printed version of Merriam-Webster's Third New International Unabridged Dictionary, for example, with its 2,662 pages, measures 4 inches (10.16 cm) thick and weighs in at 12.5 pounds (5,67 kg), and is now no heavier to carry than your favorite mobile phone. Johannes Gutenberg never saw this coming.

For the first time, Frankfurt Book Fair 2010 ( will open its doors to leading mobile software developers to present digital content solutions and share mobile development experience to help usher in a new age in publishing. The Frankfurt Book Fair, the biggest in the world with more than 7,000 exhibitors from over 100 countries, has recently shifted its focus to capitalize on the changes and innovations brought with digital publishing, and will offer newly created "hot spots" throughout the fairground where publishing professionals will have the opportunity to meet and connect with members of the technology industry.

Paragon Software Group (, the world's largest developer of mobile software reference materials, will attend Frankfurt Book Fair 2010, and be available to explain and discuss how publishing and software can come together to bring volumes of high-quality content to even the tiniest of devices. The company invites potential publishing partners and interested media to schedule an appointment with Alexander Zudin, founder and CEO of Paragon Software Group, or drop by to speak with company representatives at Stand D-935, Hall 6.0, in the Mobile Hot Spot.

Alexander Zudin will be available for one-on-one sessions on selected days during the event, and will speak on October 7, 2010, from 11:00-11:30 a.m. in Hall 6.0 on best practices in creating digital versions of paper-edition sources.

"Paragon is very pleased to have been invited to this year's Frankfurt Book Fair," said Alexander Zudin, CEO of Paragon Software Group. "Our goal is to help our publishing partners create a mobile application that allows users to feel just as comfortable using the electronic version as the analogous paper edition, and we look to emphasize the expanding area of mobile publishing through our presence at the Fair."

Paragon's advanced technology engine compresses even the weightiest content to minimal memory space, and provides the fastest definition look-up of any mobile application on the market. The company's partnerships with some of the world's foremost publishers - including Akademiai Kiadó, Dar El Ilm Lilmalayin sarl, Duden Language Technology, Editura Litera, Enciclopedia Catalana, Encyclopedia Britannica, HarperCollins Publishers Limited, Kosmos Uitgevers, Larousse Editorial, S.L., Langenscheidt KG, Merriam-Webster Inc., PONS GmbH, Russkiy Yazik Media, SEV Matbaacılık ve Yayıncılık E_itim Tic.A._ and Van Dale Uitgevers. Fluent in all available mobile platforms - such as Android, bada, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, Java ME, Symbian and Windows Mobile - Paragon Software Group will attend Frankfurt Book Fair 2010 to discuss ways for publishers to develop and expand their digital opportunities.

According to Gartner, Inc., global sales of smartphones reached 139.3 million devices in 2008. In-Stat estimates that 100 million users will be accessing mobile-application stores through compatible smartphones by 2013.

"The global issue of digitisation already demands that we think beyond the boundaries of our industry and into neighbouring sectors to search for solutions," said Juergen Boos, Director of the Frankfurt Book Fair. "Now is the time to seek out new strategies, to scour the market, to engage in international benchmarking."

The Mobile Hot Spot, to be located in Hall 6.0, brings together players from the world of mobile publishing - app developers, telecommunications companies, mobile storefront operators, payment service providers and other companies - working to bring more content to more mobile devices. The Hot Spots will feature exhibitor stands and a stage, which exhibitors will use for product presentations and discussion panels.

"The Frankfurt Hot Spots are the place to go to see the future of publishing," said Boos. "They will build a bridge between high-quality content and innovative technology at the Frankfurt Book Fair."

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