Paradigm Solutions Announces New Hosting Packages With Best Pricing Available

Paradigm Solutions is an industry leader in the South African web hosting market. The firm was founded in 2003 and provides a wide variety of managed hosting solutions. The company also provides dedicated servers & internet connectivity

Paradigm Solutions, a web hosting company based in Cape Town, South Africa recently announced new web hosting and reseller hosting packages that are getting the attention of the industry for their incredibly competitive pricing structure. Paradigm Solutions has been providing web hosting services since 2003 and has consistently been one of the top firms in South Africa, but recently the owners of the firm noticed something amiss. As one owner said, "We are one of the top 25-40 web hosting companies in the country. We used to be top 15 but our pricing was not inline therefore we have dramatically cut our pricing and launched new packages." In addition, the company recently revamped their website to showcase these new packages.

The packages offered include the full range of Linux hosting, Windows hosting, hosting, domain name offerings, budget VPS offerings and dedicated server services. All of these packages are offered at incredible low prices and are affordable for most anyone.

The new website is designed with the customer in mind and clearly displays each package and highlights its competitive pricing. Visitors to the site will be greeted with a home page that grabs the attention. Some of the best package offerings are displayed prominently and each package lists complete benefits and a prominent blue ribbon feature the incredibly low price. Visitors are able choose packages from clearly marked tabs for web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, ADSL, Domain, Dedicated Server, Solutions and Outsource categories. Once a customer has decided on a package it is very simple to place the order and get started.

Those interested in learning more about this company and the new services can visit the website at or call the sales department at 086 1234 477.

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