Paradigm Personality Labs Launches the New WorkPlace Big Five Profile™

WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Solutions Helps Leaders Amplify Their Organizations and Their People

The New WorkPlace Big Five Profile

Paradigm Personality Labs, a workplace assessment organization, today announced the launch of their next-generation WorkPlace Big Five Profile ™ behavioral assessments and reports. These tools, developed over the past 18 months, go beyond traditional assessments to deliver a personalized roadmap for success. 

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™'s primary objective is to allow organizations to tap into the power of assessments to help their people, teams, and organization thrive while meeting, and surpassing, business goals.

Paradigm Personality Labs has incorporated the latest in behavioral science and workplace performance to deliver a participant journey that moves from behavioral insights to meaningful action, bringing out the best in your organization and your people.

"Using the new WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ assessments and reports allow people at every level to reach their potential, leverage their strengths, and address their challenges. They allow teams to connect and work towards goals better than ever before," says Paradigm Personality Labs CEO, Lisa Dunbar. "We've already seen an increase in engagement among companies who have implemented this during our beta launch, and we expect that to continue."

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ is the next generation of personality assessment tools that enable organizations to elevate their people and performance. Using this suite of tools allows organizations to understand leaders' and employees' motivations and personality traits so that they can harness the unique strengths of each person.

This new suite of tools and assessments includes:

  • WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Reports: Paradigm's reimagined suite of people-centered, outcome-focused assessments and reports.
  • My Paradigm Dashboard: The updated dashboard allows you to spend less time on managing the assessment project and more time making a difference.
  • Practitioner Toolbox: This expanded resource will quickly become a practitioner go-to for talent development, selection, team effectiveness, coaching, and learning.

Paradigm Personality Labs provides organizations with best-in-class support to help you accomplish business goals. Our unique, rigorous approach honors the Five-Factor Model and the launch of the new WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ keeps true to that model while providing organizations and partners with the resources they need to stay on the cutting edge of human development. For more information, visit or email to schedule a conversation. 

About Paradigm Personality Labs

Paradigm Personality Labs helps organizations hire best-fit talent, accelerate onboarding time, boost employee performance, ignite workforce engagement, boost team performance, develop leaders, and build leadership pipelines through their suite of assessment tools and resources. We strongly believe that great leaders build great organizations and that building high-performing teams and business units is one of the best ways to ensure the future of your organization.

Source: Paradigm Personality Labs