Parade and MyCarrierPackets Have Partnered to Empower Leading Freight Brokerages

Parade and MyCarrierPackets partnership 2019

Parade, which provides the leading capacity and carrier relationship platform, announced its integration with MyCarrierPackets, the online carrier packet service, enabling Parade’s freight brokerages and third-party logistic (3PL) customers to more effectively target and communicate with in-network carriers.

MyCarrierPackets’ unique onboarding through electronic packets enables carriers to maintain verified certificates of insurance, trusted contact information, and lane preferences. Parade customers leveraging MyCarrierPackets will now have access to their carrier data in real-time from within the Parade platform, ensuring the most accurate and comprehensive intelligence on the market.

Once a Parade customer enables their MyCarrierPackets integration, the Parade Carrier Relationship Platform will continuously synchronize current and future onboarded carriers’ packet information for use within Parade’s intelligent carrier profiling and automated engagement cloud services. Carrier contact and lane preference data from MyCarrierPackets will be combined with Parade’s cutting-edge data network to deliver the most accurate and rich experience for the brokerage in Parade.

“One of our main goals with the MyCarrierPackets product is to integrate with innovative companies that provide additional services once a carrier onboard for our customers, making life easy for carriers and to giving our mutual customers enhanced services for onboarding and beyond,” said Jay Pelkey, President of Assure Assist, maker of MyCarrierPackets. “That’s why we feel this integration is a perfect marriage between the two companies.”

“This integration enables both MyCarrierPackets and Parade customers to get even more out of the services our customers love,” said Anthony Sutardja, CEO of Parade. “We are very happy to have been able to work with the leading carrier on-boarding service and look forward to future collaborations.”

The partnership between MyCarrierPackets and Parade was born out of the 2018 capacity strain and subsequent market shift. Leading brokerages identified a lack of visibility into carrier preferences as a primary aggravator to this market challenge. As a result, real-time and data-driven carrier preference intelligence has become increasingly important for brokers as they shift to a carrier-centric sales approach. Now, Parade customers who use MyCarrierPackets will receive a more robust carrier profile and will maximize their load booking experience in the Carrier Relationship Platform.

Parade and MyCarrierPackets are pleased to provide this unprecedented level of intelligence to their customers. The integration is now available to all Parade customers, including all McLeod Capacity Creator users.

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