Par5Ninja Announces Its Release of the Spider Putting System With a Neuroscientific Approach to Help Golfers Improve Aim and Pace

Par5Ninja is proud to announce the release of its Spider Putting System, designed for both indoor and outdoor golf practice. With this golf training aid, players of all levels will be able to improve on their putting accuracy as it helps them develop aim and pace.

Par5Ninja’s Spider Putting System will prove to be the greatest putting aid ever invented due to its neuroscientific training approach to making more putts. It creates a path down the center of the cup and essentially narrows the room for error while training to hit putts firmly. Neurological feedback creates muscle memory to imprint perfect strokes into the subconscious mind and properly develop eye-hand coordination.

There are three difficulty levels provided including beginner, intermediate and pro. Players can start with the beginner orange bumpers and work up to the pro blue bumpers to have 64 percent sharper aim. The three levels of difficulty help players start from a wider cup center using the orange bumpers, then graduate to the green intermediate bumpers and finally the blue pro bumpers that make the center of the cup smaller. If there is no hole available, there is a ring that buckles to the bottom of the spider that gives the same diameter of the cup and allows it to be pinned into the putting surface and used anywhere on the green.

A precision-strength rubber band accessory is also included allowing for the ball to be automatically returned, minimizing time and setup between practice putts.

Spider Putting System has four sides which makes it ideal for multi-player use. Golf coaches and instructors will find it very useful for training golfers with skill level ranging from expert to beginner. There are more than 50 different setups to recreate various putting scenarios so players will be able to challenge themselves and others to increase their accuracy.

Par5Ninja’s Spider Putting System is a great addition to the training tool kit of any avid golfer looking to improve their putt. It is also the perfect gift for the golf-lover in one's life. 

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