Paperless Environments and RFMS, a Cyncly Company, Announce Preferred Partner Software Integration

RFMS, a Cyncly Company, is now a preferred partner of the Paperless Environments suite of software products

Paperless Environments®, a Louisiana-based software company providing document management and workflow automation software, has announced that RFMS, a Cyncly Company, the leading business management software provider in the flooring industry, is now a preferred partner of the Paperless Environments® suite of software products. It is now easier than ever for current RFMS software users to seamlessly integrate with Paperless Environments®' software solutions, further increasing the efficiency of daily operations.

Paperless Environments® provides software solutions to all facets of the construction industry that increase efficiency and remove outdated workflows from several areas of operation. The extensive suite of software helps clients to automate accounts payable processing, digitize project document routing and collaboration, fill and file digital forms via mobile devices from the field, and much more.

RFMS users, once integrated with Paperless Environments®, can easily gather and route inspection forms, photos, or videos directly from the job site using eForms™, a digital forms processing program created to operate on all digital device types. pVault®, Paperless Environments®' software through which all Paperless Environments® modules operate, integrates seamlessly to enhance current RFMS systems to simplify how companies save, comment on, and route documents in one secure place, sending daily productivity soaring.

"RFMS has always been a great partner of Paperless Environments®," said Seth Dawson, founder and CEO of Paperless Environments®, "but now we're excited to make it official with a preferred partner integration, making it easier than ever for businesses in the flooring industry to get started right away increasing the efficiency of their operations without completely starting from scratch with a brand new piece of software."

The full suite of Paperless Environments® software consists of programs, including:

  • pVault®, the foundational software through which all Paperless Environments® modules operate.
  • APFlow™, an accounts payable automation software.
  • DocRoute™, a digital document routing software that gives users the ability to review, approve, and sign documents from any device.
  • Greenlight Compliance Manager™, a digital compliance tracking software.
  • Paperless OCR, an Optical Character Recognition module that automates document processing and filing.
  • ePortal™, software that allows users to access key digital documents from anywhere using any device.
  • eForms™, a digital forms program that allows users to create new forms, form templates, and fill and file forms from anywhere, including busy job sites.
  • eCapture™, digital data capture software that sends photos of job elements, receipts, receiving tickets, and more directly to your pVault® system.

Founded in 2001 by Seth Dawson, Paperless Environments® was created to solve programs in the construction industry for which no one else had solutions. Dawson left his position as CFO of a large heavy civil and industrial contractor and created Paperless Environments® to solve those problems himself.

Since 2005, Paperless Environments® has installed over 1,800 client systems located in all 50 states and in five different countries around the world. Customers represent over 50,000 users and range from small single-digital employee construction firms to publicly traded giants with thousands of employees. The key to success is the partnership and integration with most of the popular ERP systems on the market.

Source: Paperless Environments

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