Panel Built's New Solution to Upgrade School Systems

School systems all across the country will be heading back to school soon, looking to provide a safe, healthy environment for the teachers, staff, and of course, the students. But, depending on the school system, social distancing requirements may still be in place or recommended. And, almost certainly, a measurable portion of students and teachers have grown fatigued by traditional social distancing and PPE measures over the past year and a half.

Baseball Dugout

Prefabricated canopy systems offer a way for school campuses to expand their usable areas into a more COVID-friendly environment, the outdoors. Creating these outdoor places, canopies can help schools provide a safer, more comfortable environment. As most of the country returns to in-school learning, see how canopies can help schools through the end of COVID and beyond.

Creating Open-Air Leisure Areas For Students and Staff

In a school system, many spaces see heavy traffic throughout the day, like classrooms, lunchrooms, and hallways. Providing more open-air areas allows students to be in a less transmittable environment and helps reduce traffic in congested environments. For example, cafeterias are one of the most crowded rooms in any school system, with hundreds of students inside at a time. However, adding a prefabricated canopy system opens up your cafeteria, creating a whole new dining space for your students and faculty. The open-air location not only makes for a less transmittable environment and provides a nice escape for those who have been stuck inside seemingly forever. 

Schools can offer these same benefits to students while they are actively learning as well. Prefab canopy systems can quickly create a comfortable, shaded space outside for teachers to hold outdoor classes. Besides outdoor classes being a favorite among students, the external environment also reduces the threat of virus transmission. Additionally, faculty experiencing COVID fatigue would always have access to outdoor break areas to be more active outdoors. 

Beyond COVID - Safer, More Convenient Outdoor Spaces

Because most school campuses require multiple buildings stretched over a relatively large area, canopy systems have been incorporated into school designs long before our current pandemic. The primary function of the canopy system is to offer protection to the space or things below. For a school campus, walkways and bus loading zones will see a large amount of traffic throughout the day. Covering these zones with a canopy system reduces the precipitation, reducing ice build-up and potential accidents in the colder months. Plus, the students will not have to wait on a bus for an extended period while wet on rainy days.

Source: Panel Built