Pandemic Brings Two Service Providers Together to Help Property Owners Overcome Their Health & Safety Concerns

COVID-19 Drives Cooperation

InterNACHI and Aerus announce a collaborative effort to meet the COVID-19 challenge. COVID-19 has brought the need for indoor air and surface purification to everyone's attention in a way more urgent than ever before. And while this particular pathogen may be the engine behind the sudden intensification of a search for answers, it is not alone among the environmental issues people must address in the spaces they occupy for the health and safety of themselves and their families and anyone else who may enter. 

COVID-19 for certain, but there are numerous other viruses out there, plus particulate matter, bacteria, and spores that need first to be identified, which is what the members of InterNACHI do so well throughout the US and Canada, after which the contaminants they disclose must be eliminated so they can pose no further threat, which is what Aerus does so well. 

The pandemic has brought these two essential players together, both recognized and honored leaders in their closely related fields, one of which, InterNACHI, sets the standard for inspection of indoor spaces, while the other, Aerus, sets the standard for solutions to the problems discovered. Both employ state-of-the-art technology.  Each has a long list of satisfied clients. Together, they bring a complete answer to the client; one identifies the problem, the other solves the problem;  one investigates and diagnoses, the other repairs and restores.

Working together, the two complete each other, benefitting not only the client, but all other occupants, including family members, clients, customers, visitors, etc. 

For more information, search:  (1) InterNACHI (;  (2) Aerus of West Hartford (;  (3) Active Pure (;  or phone or email John R. Fantry at 860-944-4482,, or       

Source: FFam LLC