Panchee Advisory Leads the Way in Helping Local Moms Re-Enter Finance

The bar for workplace quality rises as perspicacious companies like Panchee Advisory cultivate the untapped talent of working mothers.

Women who exit the workforce to raise children often face biased hiring standards when they decide to re-enter their field, despite mounting evidence that hiring moms is actually advantageous to businesses. It can be a challenge for them to find a workplace that meets their needs as mothers. Companies with rigid structures fail to provide the flexibility needed by women who must balance work and motherhood. The good news? The tide is turning for working mothers. As thought leaders point to increasing evidence that hiring moms is good for business, many savvy business owners are adapting their policies to meet the needs of these uniquely skilled women. At the forefront of this shift is a local specialist services firm, Panchee Advisory. 

Panchee Advisory, an emerging leader in third-party services for investment firms, is a woman-owned company founded by Nida Panchee. Operating out of a suburb of New York City, Panchee Advisory is comprised of skilled consultants with more than 70 years' combined experience from financial institutions such as Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Neuberger Berman, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Arthur Andersen. Nida's team offers a variety of services from business development to raising capital, and delivers best-in-class support for small businesses on the cusp of expansion. And the kicker? You guessed it - this is a team of moms.

As a mother of two with over 20 years' experience in private equity, Nida knows first-hand that motherhood requires communication, efficiency, and skillful multitasking - all of which translate well to a successful career in finance. She also understands the importance of providing moms with an adaptable work environment. Nida has cultivated a company that offers its consultants a mutually beneficial relationship; the firm benefits from tapping into an underutilized pool of professionals, while the consultants earn an affirming and flexible position for reentry into finance.

"It evolved organically," Nida said on Terrance O'Malley's Operational Leaders podcast. "I recognized that there was an untapped pool of talent in these moms ready to reenter the workforce ... we work together efficiently and cohesively," she says. "It's been quite successful."

Panchee Advisory is an example of a business that proactively anticipates workplace standards of the future. Today's emerging professionals increasingly value diversity and inclusion in the workplace. By meeting the needs of working moms, business leaders like Nida demonstrate their attention to employee needs and prove that they value efficiency and harmony within their company.

Consultants can attest to the success of Nida's strategy. "After a four-year hiatus to raise my sons, I sought an opportunity where I could showcase my financial marketing superpowers and still be a mom first," said Julie Lowry, Marketing Specialist. "I found that job 'unicorn' at Panchee Advisory ... It's no secret that moms are the best multi-taskers, and Nida was extremely clever in tapping into this pool of talent."

Source: Panchee Advisory

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