Panama Relocation Tours Releases an Article About Why Going on a Real Estate Tour Is a Bad Idea

Panama Relocation Tours Releases an Article about Why Going on a Real Estate Tour is a Bad Idea

Panama Relocation Tours, Inc., a Panama tour company that specializes in relocation and retirement tours, releases a new article on the company website. The article is entitled, “Why You Should Not Go on a Real Estate Tour in Panama.”

As the title suggests, the article discusses in detail why taking a real estate tour in Panama is not a good idea. It talks about the disadvantages of taking such tours and provides suggestions on better options when one decides to finally settle down in Panama.

According to the article, real estate tours are biased as the owners of the tours often have a hidden agenda as to why they’re offering a particular property for sale. The article suggests that it is better to rent rather than buy a property when one is new in Panama. Renting vs. buying gives one the opportunity to test the waters, view the options available and really determine if settling in Panama for good is the right decision.

The article cites real life situations wherein people have moved to Panama, but kept on transferring from one place to another because a particular area doesn’t suit them. It is for this reason that the article promotes renting as a wiser choice than spending a huge amount of money on buying a property.

I think it is a huge conflict of interest for a tour operator to accept commissions from real estate agents”, says Jackie Lange, the founder and general manager of the Panama Relocation Tours. “Not selling anything during the tours enables me to really show my tour guests the good, the bad and the ugly that is Panama. I don’t show properties so I can get a commission and this I’d like to uphold in my Panama Relocation Tours. Our company is truly dedicated to showing what life could be like in Panama without any sugar coating.”

The article also takes the opportunity to mention why joining the Panama Relocation Tours is a better choice than taking cheaper real estate tours. Jackie’s Panama Relocation Tours are committed to educating its participants about how to move to Panama with ease. The tours also show the different areas of Panama that are suitable for retirement.

Merl and Barbara Will-Wallace, former participants of the Panama Relocation Tours, said that a sign of a great tour is not just what one gets during the tour but the support thereafter. “There are a lot of seminars and tours you can take on living in Panama, but my wife, Barbara, and I feel that Jackie Lange’s ‘Panama Relocation Tour’ is by far the best bet for your money. The main reason we feel this way is not just the tour. For the year following our tour, we continued to bombard Jackie with a series of questions and inquiries. Jackie always responded with the answers we needed, even when we were asking almost the same question over and over. Her contacts that she provides during the tour are also great resources, ready and willing to help.

The article, “Why You Should Not Go on a Real Estate Tour in Panama”, can be viewed on the Panama Relocation Tours website. It generally offers plenty of tips and ideas when considering Panama as a retirement destination.

About Panama Relocation Tours, Inc.

Panama Relocation Tours, Inc. is the brainchild of Jackie Lange, an American real estate entrepreneur who moved to Panama in 2010. The company was the proponent of the one of a kind Panama tours designed for relocation and retirement planning. Jackie fell in love with Panama’s inexpensive yet comfortable way of life. Now, she brings Panama Relocation Tours that are focused on showing the real Panamanian lifestyle available to retirees. Jackie’s Panama tours offer an objective, informative view of real Panama living.