PALMZI: The Gadget Revolutionizing Mobile Use

The first ergonomic posture correcting accessory for mobile devices.

With the rise of mobile use in both personal and professional life, comes new demands that adhere to the shift in how we use our mobile devices. PALMZI has been introduced to the world of mobile gadgets and created to add comfort and convenience to the mobile use experience.

PALMZI’s mission is to not only shed light on how our human body is impacted by the increase of mobile use but to serve as a solution to prevent and treat negative effects that come from the experience. The PALMZI is the world's first ergonomic palm support for mobile devices in a stable, lightweight, foldable design. Here are just a few of the benefits of using the PALMZI:

  • Raises your mobile device to a safe, comfortable, eye-level distance.
  • Instantly corrects poor posture.
  • Helps reduce neck pain and stiffness associated with mobile phone usage, also knows as “text neck”.
  • Lightweight and durable yet portable enough to carry in your bag.

"After having chronic neck pain for several years, I realized that I was not alone. After doing some research I realized that the main cause of this was extensive use of mobile devices, I attempted to find a solution out there for this problem but was out of luck. That's when we set out to create a solution to this widespread problem." – Georges Rehayem, Founder of PALMZI

PALMZI is currently looking for backers through their Indiegogo funding page to support their current mission and project and looking to expand nationally for online retail in Fall 2017.

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Media Contact:
Bianca Castro

Source: PALMZI

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