Palestine Museum US Auctions Online a Rare Work of Renowned 96-Year-Old Artist Etel Adnan

Etel Adnan loperello

The online auction of work at the Palestine Museum US can be accessed by clicking here.

Palestine Museum US is auctioning online a rare 30-page leporello (Japanese Accordion Book) of artist Etel Adnan, who currently has a solo exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. The leporello features a poem of Palestinian artist Mahmoud Darwish hand written by Adnan and superimposed by her artwork.

The renowned Lebanese American poet and artist, Etel Adnan, born in Beirut; turned 96 this year. The world celebrated with a retrospective of her life's work at the Guggenheim Museum in New York and numerous other exhibitions.

She lived in California for some 50 years before moving to Paris, excelling in many media—paintings, tapestries, novels, poems—but the most unique are her leporellos: accordion-folded booklets of the sort once sold in Victorian England, folding out to reveal panoramic illustrations, earning the alternate name, Japanese accordion books. Adnan uses them to a variety of ends, often as vehicles for unpublished poems and fragments. Some of them are more than six and a half feet long when fully extended as is the one offered at auction by the Palestine Museum US. This leporello is calligraphed, in her unique hand, with a poem, "In Damascus" by Mahmoud Darwish, in Arabic, a language in which she seldom composes, making this leporello unique among those painted and calligraphed by Etel Adnan.

Source: Palestine Museum US


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