PAIPUR's Successful Bullet Journal Release Proves Tactile Function Still Has Its Place in the Technology Era

PAIPUR Color Series Notebooks

PAIPUR is pleased to share the success of the company’s newest model of analog notebooks, which after a July release on, have proven not only to be relevant in the technology age, but an essential companion to the modern devices that provide necessary connection in the digital world.

Mark Hodierne, Founder and CEO of PAIPUR, shared, “We’ve seen the studies that tell us that putting a pen to paper, that tactile feeling, provides us with a physiological response we just don’t get from our smartphones. That doesn’t mean we turn away from the advancements that have made the world what it is today – but we can still engage those needs, enhancing our ability to process information, with a notebook. I designed PAIPUR notebooks with that in mind and the growing number of people who are exploring bullet journals as a way of planning and managing.”

We've seen the studies that tell us that putting a pen to paper, that tactile feeling, provides us with a physiological response we just don't get from our smartphones.

Mark Hodierne, Founder

PAIPUR products combine function and superior design to deliver a paper product that users find both nostalgic and intuitive. The latest update to the brand’s signature product utilizes an even higher standard of materials in the manufacturing process than its original model, and enhances the brand’s hybrid layout of dotted sheets and lined sheets by providing the consumer with the choice of both wide- and narrow-lined formats. All formats are ideal for creative and planning applications.

“Notebooks have been around for a long time, but the traditional format leaves a lot to be desired. When I designed the first PAIPUR product, my goal was to create a tool that energizes ideas. I achieved it by creating a simple design that is beautiful enough for gift-giving, that is functional for a variety of uses, and that is affordable,” noted Hodierne.  

As sales continue to soar, Hodierne looks toward the future of the brand, “PAIPUR is a small business with big goals. In the future, we plan to release fully-ruled and dotted models for customers who don’t utilize our hybrid format, and specialty and companion products. For now, we’re concentrating on delivering an irresistible notebook that helps people be creative in their own unique way.”

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PAIPUR was founded by Mark Hodierne in 2016 in response to his seemingly endless quest for the perfect notebook. He’d tried them all, and knew there had to be something better. With design in mind, Hodierne set out to create a product that entices its users to draw, write, or doodle their dreams with a tactile approach that is timeless. Simple lines, colorful covers, and the high-quality materials used to construct PAIPUR products make each of their notebooks an irresistible facet of daily life to their owners. PAIPUR is committed to sustainability and is a proud Conservation Partner of the Nature Conservancy. Find out more at

Source: PAIPUR

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