Pain Management Methods and Techniques Produce Outstanding Results Among Patients Suffering From Prolonged Lower Back Pain

Constant and progressing back pain can be horrible to live enough don't just learn to live with it. Make the first step in treating the pain and consult a pain management team.

The drastic rise in patients complaining of back pains in the past 5-10 years has motivated researchers to investigate new avenues of therapeutic medicine to find more effective methods to relieve excruciating and constant pain among individuals. Pain management is one such field that has risen and works on the foundation of assessing each form of pain individually and then proposes an appropriate route for treatment that may be of neuromodulation, chiropractic methods, physiotherapy, drug prescription or even minimally invasive surgeries.

Pain management takes a different approach in dealing with patients, suffering from prolonged and sever pain and has so far been able to produce remarkable results. An official is reported to have said, "Pain Management Techniques have been able to relieve patients who have been suffering from lower back and spine pain for many years. The approach adopted is very promising and holds great potential for further advancements"

A recent survey conducted in U.K stated that on average every 2 out of 3 individuals between the ages of 18-34 suffer from back pain. Experts in UAE have analyzed this information and have unanimously agreed on the point that this astonishingly high rate of patients is due to the extreme change in lifestyles. Where individuals spend much of their day hunched back, behind computer screen at work and at home. Even the younger lot suffers from this technological craze being completely invested in video games, texting, social networking sites and homework on the computer and endless T.V shows, no one seems to have the time to go out for a walk and get some fresh air anymore.

This change in lifestyle is believed to be the reason behind the high rate of back pain in people in the U.K and experts believe that this rate would be as high, if not higher among the residents in UAE because they follow an extremely hectic lifestyle as well and are just as technologically advanced as the U.K. An expert on the matter is reported to say, "The residents of UAE follow a lifestyle that is adapted to all the technological facilities of the modern world and lacks any sort of physical exercise that has led to an increase in patients lining up outside  clinics  with a common complain of severe pain in their lower back and spine"

Such an alarmingly high rate among the most active age group can be detrimental for a countries economy, hence the introduction and success of pain management techniques is of great importance. Patient's complaining of constant and progressing pain in their lower back and spine, have been examined closely.

 Their X-rays and blood samples are taken, history is taken, the report of their general physician is analyzed and then a more detailed approach is adopted. In which the team consults professionals of varying disciplines. A physiotherapist, psychologist, occupational therapist and pharmacists all do a complete work up and then propose a method of treatment. This approach involves the consideration of any physical, emotional or mental reason that may be causing the pain and assures that no important point in the patient's case is left out.

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