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Lance Hoose reveals danger of well-intentioned New Year's resolutions

It's a new year and once again, gyms are packed by individuals armed with motivated resolutions to lose weight and get fit. Fueled with good intentions, what many don't realize is the potential harm that can be done to their bodies jumping into this routine.

"To avoid injury, it's important to take it slow and steady," said Lance Hoose of Chiropractic Wellness Center. "Making little changes in the beginning and progressing to adding weight over time is a safe way to start a healthy fitness journey."

In his more than two decades of experience, Dr Hoose has seen patients with similar injuries after returning to the gym following a hiatus or going in too hard right away, especially with back squats and lunges loaded with too much weight. "When there's too much weight on a barbell a person begins bending and twisting incorrectly," he said. "I see people coming into my office with these injuries often and especially between January and February."

Improper technique can lead to lack of focus and balance, which is often when mistakes happen and injuries occur. To avoid these, Hoose recommends seeking guidance from an expert to help minimize injuries and establish correct body mechanics.

"Deadlifts are another area where people need to be careful because this move is also prone to cause low back issues," Hoose said. "Here, it can be a problem because you're bending over and lifting the weight up, which isn't always a good combo."

In addition, joint pain can occur in elbows, wrists, hands and shoulders. The main idea to avoid injury in the gym is applying proper technique and not over doing it by implementing gradual increases in weight while also incorporating stretching.

Pain is an indicator to adjust what you're doing with modification. Pinched nerves can occur when too much pressure is applied to them by surrounding tissues, which can result in low back pain and sciatica. "The symptoms of this include radiating pain from the back that goes down to the legs, from the glute to the hamstring, calf and foot," Hoose said.

"When it comes down to it, all of these are things that chiropractors can help with to put the joints and vertebrae back into proper position so the body can begin to heal itself," Dr Hoose said. "At Chiropractic Wellness Center we use the Zone Technique to discover any underlying issues to speed this process up." 

The main goal when someone has an injury is to get them out of pain as quicky as possible. When someone comes in for acute care they're seen a few times a week until they no longer experience pain. "Once we've put the body back in its physiological place, it continues to improve and heal, allowing each patient to experience overall wellness and live a happy, healthy life."

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Source: The Chiropractic Wellness Center


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