Packt Publishing Offers New Book 'Live Longer With AI' for Free to NHS Workforce of 1.4 Million

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A new book about harnessing technology to enhance preventative health and extend healthspan as a way to strengthen our resilience to the current pandemic and equip us better for the next one is being offered for free by its publisher, Packt Publishing, to the UK's NHS workforce, totaling 1.4 million.

The book, Live Longer with AI: How Artificial Intelligence is Helping to Extend Healthspan and Live Better Too by author Tina Woods, is being distributed as an e-book through Packt Publishing and Kortext, the NHS' preferred online sales platform.

The book will be available for an extended period to anyone within the NHS that has an OpenAthens login to the Kortext platform. It will form part of the NHS Health Education England Core Collection.

Dave Maclean, Chief Executive of Packt, says: “We are delighted to support the NHS to help people understand the role of AI and data to keep healthy and well. This agreement is the first of its kind and part of a wider effort to minimize digital exclusion and ensure health inequalities do not get worse, as health services move increasingly online and technology continues to change every aspect of people's personal, professional and family lives.”

Professor Shafi Ahmed, Consultant, Colorectal Surgeon at Barts Health NHS Trust, tech educator and entrepreneur, says: “The book sets out some of the practical applications and implications for the use of AI in helping us to live longer with improved health. It is also a wake-up call for everyone to take responsibility for their health. Citizens hold the key to releasing the potential of disruptive innovation in health and need access to knowledge to increase their overall health and digital literacy."

Tina Woods, author, adds:  “It is perverse that it took this pandemic to force us into realizing that we cannot take our health for granted, that it is indeed our most precious asset, for us individually but also for society. Our health is intimately bound to our future prosperity, and the book aims to build awareness of the simple things everyone can do, aided by technology, to make a huge difference to their lives but also to many others in building up the health of the nation."

Rt Hon Damian Green MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity that published The Health of the Nation[1] in February to support the UK government’s manifesto commitment to provide five extra years of healthy life expectancy by 2035 while minimizing health inequalities, says: “At a time of maximum anxiety about public health, we need a guide on how we can take control of our own lives and live in good health for longer. Tina Woods’ book not only does that but explains how the development of AI and other technologies can contribute to better aging. Quite literally, people’s lives and happiness will depend on individuals and societies following some of the conclusions drawn in this book. It is a hugely important contribution to public debate. An ‘aging society’ should be a matter for celebration, not apprehension. This book explains how we can make that shift.”

Please contact Jonathan Malysiak at Packt to arrange interviews with author Tina Woods, and/or the experts interviewed in the book. Email: Phone: +44 7850 656183


Source: Packt Publishing

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