Pacific Luxury Air Launches a New Luxury Jet Offering With Customized Air Travel Throughout North America

Why Try to Fit in When Trying to Stand Out?

Gulfstream G650

As an innovator for business and personal air travel for over 15 years for corporate executives, international  visitors, entertainers, athletes, “High Rollers” and their families, Pacific Luxury Air LLC is launching a new air travel program designed to address the deficiencies which exist in today’s commercial, charter and travel card offerings. Pacific Luxury Air is expanding access for a tailored air travel product which will meet clients' specific needs and exceed expectations.

Having provided commercial private jet charter air travel between Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and the Hawaiian Islands for many years, Pacific Luxury Air is expanding its premium personalized service to all of North America (Continental U.S., Canada, Mexico, Hawaiian Islands, Polynesian & Caribbean Islands):

✓ ARG/US and Wyvern Quality & FAA Certified       NO management fee
✓ Consistent customer service (24/7/365)               NO set hours
✓ Scheduler available 365 days per year                 NO reposition cost
✓ Flexibility, convenience and reliability                  NO peak time
✓ Same hourly rate in the US (includes tax)            NO blackout days
✓ Well maintained GIV/IV-SP                                      NO shared seating
✓ A turn-key solution                                                   NO fuel mark-up
✓ Wi-Fi (domestic US - always, International- as available)   NO delayed communications

The company mission is to bring a fresh new approach to personalized air travel. Because clients need to focus on their business and personal priorities, Pacific Luxury Air acts as the client's private transportation provider, scheduler and flight department. With this new business model, clients will not have to rush to the airport nor pay costly membership fees, hourly costs or irritating penalties. The company uses well-maintained Gulfstream IV/IV-SP model/series aircraft and provides a broad array of selectable customer service offerings.

All flights may be reserved or purchased by visiting or by calling 808.664.1145.

"As a prestige air transportation provider for over 15 years, Pacific Luxury Air is excited to take advantage of new technologies and new global relationships which have allowed us to extend our operating geography, bring affordable air travel to a broader audience and jet travel to almost any city in North America. Utilizing Gulfstream IV/IVSP business jets, which are the most desired form of travel for the most discriminating corporate, professional and high-income travelers, our new service escapes long check-in lines and security delays at regular commercial airports. Your time is valuable, and everyone on our team knows it," said Pacific Luxury Air CEO Craig Gomez.


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About Pacific Luxury Air, LLC:
Pacific Luxury Air, LLC has operated corporate and private air charter transportation for its clients for over 15 years. The recent evolution of reservation and operation technologies are now disrupting the traditional commercial air and charter travel market. Because of this, Pacific Luxury Air, LLC can now bring its unique private aircraft product to a much broader travel audience, offering unique pricing, efficient operations, superior and caring customer service, industry-leading safety and security practices and the highest level of regulatory compliance. In addition to operating with U.S. FAA FAR135 regulatory oversight, Pacific Luxury Air, LLC maintains the highest industry-leading quality and performance certifications (ARG/US-Platinum and Wyvern-Wingman).

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Craig Gomez

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