Pace® Analytical Services Adds Four Midwest Laboratory Locations Through Acquisition of PDC Laboratories, Inc.

Added lab capacity supports increasing demand for environmental testing and analysis services

Pace Analytical and Life Sciences Laboratory Services

Pace® Analytical Services, a division of Pace® and the preferred provider of in-lab, mobile, emergency onsite specialty-contaminant, and regulatory testing and analysis services, today announced that it has acquired PDC Laboratories, Inc. PDC Laboratories specializes in water quality, groundwater, landfill monitoring, and environmental-related testing services.

"PDC Laboratories is well-regarded for their water quality, landfill monitoring, and hazardous waste expertise with capabilities for analyzing various matrices for toxic contaminants," noted Eric Roman, Pace® CEO. "The services PDC provides dovetail nicely into the Pace® laboratory network, allowing us to expand our capacity and get closer to customers in the heartland." PDC Laboratories began as a family business in 1981 and has grown to include four laboratories across Illinois and Missouri.

The acquisition allows Pace® Analytical Services to expand its capacity in routine environmental testing of drinking water, wastewater, groundwater, and storm water as well as specialty testing including Air, Industrial Hygiene, Legionella, and PFAS. "Pace® has experienced a growing demand for testing and analysis services in all of these areas and for PFAS in particular," said Greg Whitman, President of Pace® Analytical Services. "Many Midwest states are imposing stronger testing requirements for PFAS. This, coupled with the EPA's focus on PFAS contaminants in their proposed UCMR 5 list, puts the Pace® network in the best position to scale and service customers across the country." Pace® began testing for PFAS over 30 years ago and was recently granted provisional approval by the EPA for UCMR 5 (Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule) testing.

In recent months, Pace® has also added laboratories to expand its microbiology services and locations offering surface bacteria, asbestos, and Legionella testing. This is in an effort to provide Pace® customers with local laboratory convenience and the added services and infrastructure of a large laboratory network. As a result of the PDC Laboratories acquisition, Pace® adds four accredited labs in Springfield, MO; Hazelwood, MO; Peoria, IL; and McHenry, IL, to its nationwide laboratory network.

Pace® is a portfolio company of Los Angeles-based Aurora Capital Partners.

About PDC Laboratories

PDC Laboratories, LLC is an environmental testing network headquartered in Peoria, Illinois. For 40 years, PDC Laboratories has provided drinking water, groundwater, wastewater, waste, and soil testing services to clients in the Midwest. The company owns and operates four locations in Illinois and Missouri that are validated and accredited by numerous state agencies. PDC labs are certified under the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) and backed by the technical knowledge and experience of a highly trained professional staff that ensures customers receive outstanding service and high-quality data reporting. More at

About Pace®

Pace® makes the world a safer, healthier place. For decades, Pace® people have been committed to advancing the science of businesses, industries, consulting firms, government agencies, and more by providing local-level service backed by a national laboratory network. For customers with in-house labs, Pace® provides a range of professional services to keep their operations moving forward. Pace® people work in partnership with customers by providing the service, science, and the data they need to make critical decisions that benefit us all. Learn how Pace® people are working to advance science through sustainable practices and continuous innovation at


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