P2P eSports Wagering Site Gaimerz.com Launches

Now live in key markets across the world, ​Gaimerz.com become​s​ the first mainstream platform to offer eSports fans the freedom and flexibility to participate in video game contests involving fixed wagers. Differentiating itself by giving every player the chance to assess the ability ratings of their opposition before confirming personal entry, Gaimerz.com wants to create consistent high quality match-ups.

The site gives users 24/7 access to gaming challenges, without the restricted timings of fixed leagues and organised tournaments.

Free to use, Gaimerz.com has installed a series of subscriber feedback loops and data based algorithms in order to ensure that all users conform to the terms of any contest entered into on the site. Subscribers will be able to compete in contests involving fixed wagers or to simply play for “bragging rights”. Gaimerz.com also includes player profiles which showcase performance and feedback statistics, as well as real time leaderboards based on a player’s geographic location. Combined, these features serve to give Gaimerz.com a truly social element in addition to the contest aspect.

The Gaimerz.com platform includes a full payment ecosystem catering initially for players from Asia, Europe and Australia. While work continues on expanding the locations that will have access to the platform, users from those regions stated will be able to upload funds to their own individual Gaimerz.com account through multiple different payment channels.

With the popularity of eSports growing all the time, Gaimerz.com is perfectly placed to fill a void in the market. The platform provides a service which allows gamers to combine the excitement of wagering with the enjoyment of testing their video gaming skills against other gamers of similar ability from around the world.

Speaking ahead of the launch, the Gaimerz.com Co-Founders said: “Gaimerz has been designed to take online gaming to a whole new level. As we are seeing in many other business sectors, we believe there is an opportunity to connect likeminded customers together and in this case give them the opportunity to test their video gaming skills against others in a safe and enjoyable manner.

“The product has been shaped and refined to meet the demands of the modern day gamer and with that in mind, our primary concern has been to create a profile system based on feedback loops, results and system ratings which together provide as much detail on a potential opponent as possible. We’ve learnt lessons from the earlier incarnations of video game wagering platforms where players weren’t matched up based on their skill levels.”

The team at Gaimerz are always keen to hear from game developers potentially interested in integrating with the site. To get in contact on this subject or for more information about Gaimerz.com, contact info@gaimerz.com

About Gaimerz.com

P2P eSports wagering website allowing users to compete in skilled game contests to win prizes, leaderboard ranking points and cash.