P23 Labs Opens First Overseas Location

Expanding their mission-based diagnostics services

P23 PR Team

P23 Labs, one of the first laboratories to receive FDA Emergency Use Authorization for their saliva-based at-home COVID-19 test, has opened a new laboratory in Puerto Rico. P23 Labs, located in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, will provide research and medical diagnostic testing services, making their healthcare and medical diagnosis accessible to Puerto Rican residents and residents throughout the Caribbean.

P23 Labs was founded with a mission to make healthcare accessible to all and, due to their success in the USA, have been able to add a location and serve another underserved community.

Dr. Dana Owens, MD, FACOG, Chief Health Officer of P23 Labs, said, "Our team made this possible. To have a company is to work as an organization, one unit, one accord, one mission, working together to accomplish things that we individually could never do. Because of that, we are one step closer to fulfilling our mission."

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Oct. 15, 2021, and was attended by facility staff, executive team and board members. They were joined by their CPA (Delerme CPA), Remax Realty of Puerto Rico, local physicians, chiropractors, vendors and CMS/CLIA of Puerto Rico.

Following COVID-19 safe protocols, the P23 team hosted over 80 local visitors throughout the day and evening two-part event and were greeted with positive feedback and warm welcomes.

Jazmin Rodriguez of Bioanalytical Scientific stated she was "excited to be a part of this monumental occasion, as P23 Labs has much to offer Puerto Rico, the Caribbean Islands, and South America."

For more information, please reach out to Angie@p23labs.com or visit www.p23labs.com

Media Contact: Angie Crouch

Phone: 912-713-6670

Email: angie@p23labs.com

About P23 Labs: P23 Labs is a high-complexity molecular diagnostics laboratory that specializes in preventative diagnostic testing of infectious disease. P23 Labs offer a full suite of molecular diagnostic tests that also include COVID-19, respiratory pathogen profiles, and other infectious diseases rapidly identified via our state-of-the-art molecular methods. Our emphasis is on women's health and serving the underserved communities in the United States. P23 Labs is dedicated to removing healthcare barriers and improving healthcare literacy.

Founded in 2020, P23 Labs captured the unique opportunity for a quality laboratory that focuses on fortifying the relationship between patients and providers by increasing access to healthcare.

Source: P23 Labs