P23 Labs Announces P23 Respiratory ONE

When anyone who has COVID-19 symptoms tests negative for COVID-19, this is the test they need

P23 Labs announces its new P23 Respiratory ONE, a test to detect respiratory illnesses that share symptoms with COVID-19 when test results for COVID-19 are negative and the patient is still not healthy. This test can detect the common cold, five different Influenza strains, and five Coronavirus strains including COVID-19.

P23 Respiratory ONE takes a single COVID-19 sample submitted to P23 Labs, whether it was the non-invasive saliva sample or the nasal swab sample, and rules out other illnesses testing a single sample across multiple assays.

To complete this test, it must be ordered by a physician, however, telemedicine solutions can help patients obtain access to P23 Respiratory ONE. If anyone is presenting COVID-19 symptoms and working with their physician to obtain a COVID-19 order, they should also tell their physician that they would like to have a test that identifies what illness they do have if it is not COVID-19.

The P23 Respiratory ONE is available now, and test results are available 48 hours from lab receipt.  

For more information, please contact media@p23labs.com.

About P23 Labs: P23 Labs is a high-complexity molecular diagnostics laboratory that specializes in preventative diagnostic testing of infectious disease. P23 Labs offers a full suite of molecular diagnostic tests that also include COVID-19, respiratory pathogen profiles, and other infectious diseases rapidly identified via our state-of-the-art molecular methods. Our emphasis is on women’s health and serving the underserved communities in the United States. P23 Labs is dedicated to removing healthcare barriers and improving healthcare literacy.

Founded in 2020, P23 Labs captured on the unique opportunity for a quality laboratory that focuses on fortifying the relationship between patients and providers by increasing access to healthcare. P23 Labs is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, and has a premier testing facility in Savannah, Georgia. For more information, visit www.p23labs.com.

Source: P23 Labs