P23 Labs Announces 23 Days of Giving

A philanthropic event that gives back to their local community throughout December.

P23 Gives Back

P23 Labs announces their plan for a 23-day give back event happening from December 1 through December 23.

During this event, P23 will hone in on one of their core values, "Be Giving". While this value is illustrated throughout the year, they are using the holiday season to push their giveback initiative. The event, created to thank their local community for their support during the company's founding years, will not only feature generous employee perks, but includes donations to non-profits, children's hospitals, food drives, and helping local homeless communities.

In 2020, P23 Labs gave back over $50,000 to their community, and in 2021, they are set to double that. Contributions to this include a partnership with Georgia Southern University and Georgia State University to create five scholarship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students and donations to breast cancer support groups and maternal rights and education groups.

The minority-owned and operated laboratory is led by an all-female doctor team who are passionate about bringing great change alongside revolutionary healthcare with a focus on women's health.

P23 was founded to break barriers and be vessel to not only revolutionize healthcare but empower their community. Dr. Tiffany Montgomery, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Strategy Officer, has always made it her mission to make the company one that represents all people. She leads autonomously with the goal of being a servant leader. With a PhD in Population Health, Dr. Montgomery is leading P23 down new paths, redefining healthcare and pouring into the lives of millions of others.

Championing Dr. Montgomery's mission and vision are Dr. Bernadette Wildemore, MD, who serves as the Clinical Laboratory Director and Chief Medical Officer, and Dr. Dana N. Owens, MD, FACOG, who serves as the Chief Health Officer.

"It's one thing to provide great healthcare, but to use our position and success within our local communities to provide for those who need it most is our greatest joy. When we say healthcare for all, to us that means ensuring those who need basic hygiene necessities have access to them. It means ensuring that those basic rights are met, and we are beyond humbled to be in a position to provide that to our communities." - Dr. Wildemore.

You can follow along with P23's giveback efforts on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. If you'd like to partner with P23 Labs on this event or want more information, please reach out to Aiesha Reeves at info@p23labs.com.

About P23 Labs: P23 Labs is a high-complexity molecular diagnostics laboratory that specializes in preventative diagnostic testing of infectious disease. P23 Labs offers a full suite of molecular diagnostic tests that also include COVID-19, respiratory pathogen profiles, and other infectious diseases rapidly identified via our state-of-the-art molecular methods. Our emphasis is on women's health and serving the underserved communities.

Source: P23 Labs