P23 Health Expands Its Product Line With pawMD Pet Testing Kits for Infections and Genetic Predispositions

P23 Health launches pawMD — a new product line of molecular at-home testing kits for pets. While being easy-to-use for owners and stress-free for pets, the tests ensure 99% accuracy. The innovative genetic-sequencing technology is powered by renowned high-complexity laboratory P23 Labs.

P23 Health offers a full suite of products designed to give pet owners the tools they need to better understand their pets' health and how to improve it:

  • Canine influenza testing kit to diagnose and identify strains of the virus, which is still relatively new and vaccination is not widespread, so most dogs are susceptible to infection.
  • Nutrition testing solution to tailor a scientifically backed nutrition, medication, or physical activity plan designed to improve the health and lives of pets.
  • DNA testing to learn about the diseases a pet may already have or can potentially develop, as well as what they are likely to pass down if they're bred from. 
  • Pet healthcare advisory to find customized solutions based on a pet's individual needs to give the best friends their best life.

"With pawMD products, we endeavor to provide a truly personalized pet healthcare experience. Our solution is simple: we're focused on developing scientifically backed pet healthcare solutions to improve the health and lives of your pets," said Dr. Tiffany Montgomery, a Founder and CEO of P23. 

pawMD allows getting meaningful insights with minor efforts:

  • Get a testing kit delivered to the recipient's door. 
  • Collect sample and send to the lab with a postage-paid return box
  • Get results within 24-72 hours via a secure online portal. 

Learn more at:  https://www.p23health.com/pets 

Source: P23 Health

About P23 Health

P23 Health is a digital healthcare and wellness company founded in 2022 under the umbrella of renowned molecular laboratory, P23 Labs. It supports online purchases of at-home tests for humans and pets, health consultations, and wellness products.

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