Ozmoz Launches Kickstarter Campaign For The U.S. Market

Introducing the First Aerodynamic, Weatherproof, Secure, and Stable Cargo Boxes for Bicycles

For the times you’ve wanted to ride your bike but just had too much stuff to carry, Ozmoz has arrived. This novel company means living in osmosis with nature by leaving your car at home and using your bicycle instead. The company’s innovation consists of replacing unsuitable panniers with durable cargo boxes: aerodynamic, spacious, waterproof, and aesthetic, they are the ideal complement to most bicycles.

With two weeks to go in its Kickstarter campaign, Ozmoz is raising $25,000 to distribute its flagship product (D-60), and fund production of its acclaimed all-in-one bicycle and large cargo box (D-135). According to, Kevin Cochran, the company’s U.S. Representative, “We are thrilled to bring this exceptional product to the U.S. Market. Customers in Europe love the Ozmoz D-60 cargo box, and by any standard this product surpasses expectations. ” Kevin continued, “The Ozmoz D-135 was selected by the prestigious Belgium is Design magazine, and affirms how each Ozmoz product is developed with art and science in mind.”

Vincent Selenne, founder of Ozmoz, explained his vision that everyday bicyclists everywhere can now drive less and cycle more. He invented the Ozmoz D-60 to meet his own personal needs, and after considerable research, determined his invention could help bicyclists everywhere, and ultimately reduce pollution in the environment.

Made in Belgium of the highest quality materials and delivering 2.1 cubic feet of secure storage for assorted items such as laptops, backpacks, groceries, the Ozmoz D-60 is lightweight and durable, and made of ABS plastic similarly used in whitewater canoes and automobile bumpers. Ozmoz cargo boxes are also contoured for maximum aerodynamics, adopting a slight egg shape which drafts from the cyclists legs and torso.

The Ozmoz D-135 is a bicycle with a 4.7 cubic feet cargo box, capable of carrying 88 pounds of luggage. The unique extended frame and the aerodynamically shaped box offer cycling pleasure and exceptional handling. Developed to last at least ten years, the D-135 is a true alternative to a car. This extremely robust and revolutionary bicycle is the way to go for people who need to carry more from point A to point B.

Pledges as low as $10 are now being accepted through Kickstarter and include rewards to contributors such as the vintage original Ozmoz D-135 prototype, t-shirts and caps, and a virtual meeting with the founder. Go to Kickstarter.com and search for “Ozmoz” or visit the campaign directly at:


About Ozmoz
After over two years of research and development, Vincent Selenne invented the Ozmoz products and established our company in Belgium. After initial success and press in releasing Ozmoz for the European market, our dream is to fund production of our products and expansion into the US market.

Our D-60 Cargo Box is now in production and we have one prototype of our deluxe D-135 Cargo Box & Bicycle. With your support, we can fund production of both products. We hope you join us on our journey, and leave your car at home!

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About Ozmoz

Ozmoz designs and manufactures innovative bicycles and bicycle accessories such as the Ozmoz D-60 Cargo Box and the Ozmoz D-135 Cargo Box & Bicycle.