Ozmo Launches New Video Self-Support Feature

Ozmo self-serve video tutorials

Today, Ozmo announced the launch of its new video tutorial format for improved tech support outcomes for millions of people. 

Customers on the Ozmo platform now have the ability to leverage engaging videos in their self-support content as an alternative format to guided, interactive tutorials.

Answer extensibility and growing consumer preferences for video as an optimal learning channel were the primary drivers behind the latest release from Ozmo.

"We received feedback from our customers about their subscribers wanting more flexibility in the way they access self-support content," said Brian Cross, Vice President of Product at Ozmo. "Video is an ideal format for support and education, and this latest release pushes the Ozmo platform forward toward our mission of providing fully extensible answers to all tech support questions without human intervention."

Research has shown that individuals vary in their learning styles and preferences. When it comes to self-serve tech support, the same holds true. 

In Ozmo's user research, 91% of tech consumers said they preferred watching a video when available over reading. Consumers stated that watching a video is easier, more interactive and often provides more detailed information when compared to text-based answers. 

Today's self-serve video tutorials release from Ozmo enables consumers to choose their preferred format when seeking out tech support answers and engage with content in the way they learn best. In addition, Ozmo answers are kept up to date with every new device launch or software release.

For Ozmo customers like Verizon, Google and TELUS, improved effectiveness and adoption rates of self-support lead directly to improved customer satisfaction ratings and decreased costs as calls are deflected from expensive assisted support channels.

"Ozmo is extremely excited to provide video support to our customers," said Ozmo CEO David Catalano. "With video tutorials, we are committed to helping people better understand their technology in a way that is best for them."

About Ozmo

Ozmo is a technology company that creates software to solve tech support at scale. The omnichannel Ozmo support platform is home to tens of thousands of answers that can be served up across all support channels — from the traditional, agent-assisted to digital, self-serve channels. Ozmo's platform assists in over 25 million support interactions each year for customers that span the wireless, device hardware, tech insurance, home internet, connected home and business voice industries. To learn more, visit ozmo.com

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