Owners' Counsel of America Elects Two New Board Members

​​​​Owners’ Counsel of America (OCA), a nationwide network of leading eminent domain attorneys, is pleased to announce the recent election of two accomplished condemnation lawyers to serve on its Board of Directors. Kermitt Waters is the founder of the Law Offices of Kermitt L. Waters in Las Vegas, Nevada and Richard Glazer is the founder of Richard H. Glazer Co., LPA in Cincinnati, Ohio. Both men will serve a three-year term . 

For over 40 years, Kermitt Waters has been defending landowners in eminent domain and inverse condemnation cases in Nevada and across the United States, handling literally hundreds of eminent domain cases, many of which resulted in  condemnation trials with landmark opinions furthering the protection of landowner rights. Mr. Waters’ appreciation for private property was ingrained at a young age. Born and raised in West Texas, the son of ranchers, he saw how important people’s land was to their survival. His father, in addition to running the family ranch, also served as County Sheriff, and was often called upon to protect private property. During his entire professional career, Mr. Waters has worked tirelessly to bring about change to eminent domain laws for the betterment of private property owners in the Nevada Constitution, the Nevada Revised Statutes, and through Nevada case law.

"Owners' Counsel of America has been around for 18 years, with a membership base that serves private landowners in eminent domain takings across the nation. Part of the reason for OCA's longevity is having exceptional people like Kermitt Waters and Richard Glazer serving on its Board of Directors. We are delighted to have such talented people willing to lead this great organization."

Leslie Fields, Executive Director, Owners' Counsel of America

For more than 40 years, Richard Glazer has represented landowners in a wide variety of cases involving the taking of private property.  Mr. Glazer has represented landowners in appropriation cases involving:  hotels and motels; takings for high pressure gas pipelines; takings for ethane pipelines; airports and avigation easements; large shopping centers; strip centers; convenience food stores; service stations; prime riverfront real estate; restaurants and steak houses; office parks and complexes; residential homes; apartment complexes; churches; recreational parks; veterinarian hospitals; daycare centers; car rental agencies; nurseries; U.S. Army Corp of Engineers dam projects; insurance agencies; warehouses; urban renewal projects; sewer and water easement takings; takings regarding auto race tracks; and various other takings involving commercial, residential, and special use properties.  During his career, Mr. Glazer has taught Business Law at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Business Administration and previously headed the Ohio Attorney General’s Eminent Domain Section office in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Source: Owners' Counsel of America

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