OWL - Once Was Lost Inc. Releases OWL - Once Was Lost Smartphone App to Find Lost Loved Ones

OWL - Once Was Lost Inc. is announcing the release of OWL - Once Was Lost smartphone app. The app is now available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play for download. The user saves the descriptive details of the target person including a photo that will be circulated on the platform when that person becomes lost, missing, a runaway or abducted.

Many people will benefit from the OWL - Once Was Lost App because it will be used to find lost loved ones. The app responds in real time making it faster than ever before to find someone who is lost, missing, runaway or abducted. OWL - Once Was Lost App will assist its users to find missing and lost children, teens, mentally challenged, adults and elderly. The app can be used anywhere in the world and in places such as airports, grocery stores, malls and amusement parks. If a person is lost, the user circulates the information on the platform that provides a live map of other users in the area, and each user can be contacted by clicking on the user icon so they can communicate and share information.

“This is a unique, brand new social platform to help people find lost loved ones faster than ever before,” said the developer of OWL - Once Was Lost. “Owl is unique because it responds to missing and lost children and people World Wide and Real Time. It’s an immediate response to those lost. The more people we have involved in looking for lost and missing children and people, the greater our chances of returning them home.”

The creator of the app came up with the idea after being separated from his children, at a large event, which devastated him briefly before finding them. After that, he decided to develop the app that will help people to find their loved ones by circulating their updated details on the new social media platform.

For more information on OWL - Once Was Lost App: http://Owl-oncewaslost.com

OWL - Once Was Lost Inc. and OWL - Once Was Lost App are registered trademarks of OWL - Once Was Lost Inc.

Source: OWL - Once Was Lost Inc.

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