Owens Financial Group Expands Fiscal Fortress™ Investment Strategy Nationwide

The Move Brings Greater Access to Families Seeking Another Option to Help Fortify Their Retirement Strategy

Owens Financial Group President, Founder and Wealth Advisor Chris Owens

Owens Financial Group has announced that its Fiscal Fortress™ proprietary planning and investment strategy will now be available to clients nationwide. This expansion provides families across the nation with a way to help fortify their retirement planning and investment strategy.     

"After a record 2023," says Owens Financial Group President and Wealth Advisor Chris Owens, "we felt the time was right to expand our services to help families nationwide. Our team continues to grow in response to increased demand for access to the Fiscal Fortress™ strategy.   

“When building your Fiscal Fortress™,” continued Owens, “the goal is to build a portfolio using what we call 'risk differentiation.' As we get closer to retirement, especially in retirement, making sure our lifestyle isn't dependent on what the market does and instead relying on variables with insulation from outside forces, is important. While this may seem like common sense, many families' question is, 'How?'"

The Fiscal Fortress™ incorporates similar strategies that higher institutions have used for decades to help navigate turbulent financial waters. Owens Financial Group has broken these strategies down into simple, easy-to-understand concepts that can be implemented right away.

The Fiscal Fortress™ is specifically designed for people at, in, or near retirement with at least $750,000 or more of investable assets and can help guide families to a confident and sustainable retirement. For more information, visit www.fiscalfortress.com.

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