Ovum Issues 'On the Radar: Grok AIOps Platform'; Cites Grok Reduces 90 Percent of Incident Noise and Improves Service Assurance Levels

Grok's Artificial Intelligence technology solves operational problems at their root cause and uses ML to assess the health of all metrics, events and logs


Grok, the leading artificial intelligence platform for IT operations, today announced that Ovum has written a report entitled "On the Radar: Grok AIOps platform." The third-party analyst report offers an overview of Grok's ability to improve service assurance levels by delivering root cause analysis while also providing an indication of the priority and impact of potential failures.

"Service assurance teams in network operations and command centers need to reduce overall noise to get to the root cause and turn it into a meaningful fix for their organization," said Martin Gandar, Associate Senior Analyst in Ovum's IT Infrastructure Solutions team. "Grok uses multiple sophisticated correlation and classification mechanisms as well as machine learning to quickly identify patterns that map events and anomalies to previously identified forms of incidents. This enables quick and accurate identification of the actions required to resolve problems before they become critical."

Ovum is a market-leading data, research and consulting business focused on helping digital service providers, technology companies and enterprise decision-makers thrive in the connected digital economy. Ovum's "On the Radar" is a series of research notes about vendors bringing innovative ideas, products, or business models to their markets. Grok's "On the Radar" report highlights the way Grok been able to combine multiple layers of intelligence based on machine learning (ML), to drive improvement in noise reduction and predict when incidents are going to happen and do that prediction significantly ahead of when a human or an agent can do that with the tools in place today.

"The Ovum report looks at how traditional operations and alerting platforms continue to produce too much noise and leave support teams overwhelmed with false positives," said Josh Kindiger, president of Grok. "We are able to reduce noise by applying multiple algorithms to identify patterns that map events and anomalies to our training model based on historical incidents. This enables quick and accurate identification of the actions required to resolve problems before they become critical."

"On the Radar: Grok AIOps Platform" is available to download at: https://www.grokstream.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/On-the-Radar-Grok-AIOps-platform-Grok-INT003_000409-NCS.pdf

About Grok

Grok is intently focused on building the industry's most innovative platform to bring the best of Machine Learning to IT Service Assurance. The Grok team strives to solve the biggest problems in Machine Learning, including: making it actionable, easy to use and deploy, and allowing organizations to take ownership of their Machine Learning initiatives. Today, Grok is helping customers reduce noise in operations by as much as 90 percent by leveraging data quickly and reducing the time it takes to identify and solve issues.

Grok was formed by the founders of Avik Partners with the goal of applying Numenta's foundational research to the field of AIOps. With decades of experience with IT organizations and groundbreaking research on developing technology based on the human brain's neocortex, Grok has created a one-of-a-kind AIOps platform for IT organizations as well as consulting packages to ensure a smooth process. To learn more, visit https://grokstream.com.


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