oVice Top 1 Virtual Spatial Platform in Japan Sponsors TechCrunch Early Stage 2021 Event

Learn How to Scale at High-Speed Without Imploding and All About Early-Stage Fundraising During TC Breakout Session Sponsored by oVice

oVice Breakout Session at TC Early Stage

oVice, Inc. (Headquarters: Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture, CEO: Sae Hyung Jung), which develops and provides virtual spaces where people can meet up, move freely, and interact with each other, is sponsoring one of TechCrunch's huge annual events, TC Early Stage 2021, happening on July 8-9. 

Daniel Buckley, CFO of oVice, joined by Shinji Asada, ex-CEO of Salesforce Ventures - the most active foreign corporate VC in Japan - current CEO of One Capital, and lead investor of oVice, will be on TC Early Stage 2021 Event stage number 2 to participate in one of the event's breakout sessions. Based on what oVice has notably accomplished so far, and speaking from the perspective of one of the best early-stage growing startups in Japan, both speakers will share knowledge on how oVice is able to scale up fast and steady during the pandemic, give insight into the company's growth tactics, and prompt future opportunities that need to be taken in order to keep growing further in post-COVID-19.

Breakout Session Overview

Date & Time: July 8 (Thursday) 10:40 a.m. - 11: 20 a.m. (PDT)
Title: "How to Survive High-Speed Startup Growth During COVID-19 and Retooling for Growth Opportunities in Post-Pandemic"
Speakers: Shinji Asada, CEO of One Capital, Salesforce venture ex CEO, and Lead Investor of oVice - Daniel Megumu Buckley, CFO of oVice
How to Participate: Check more info here

What is oVice and How Does it Work?

oVice is a 2D virtual space where people meet and interact as avatars. Replicating natural human-approaching behaviors online, users have the ability to virtually walk around and mingle with others by getting their avatars closer to the other party. The closer they get, the louder voices will be. This makes it easier to walk in and out of conversations along with providing an environment that allows for more coincidental discussions. In order to make online interaction more enriching, people can share video-conferencing tools, like screen share, video chat, and more.

oVice, Inc. Overview

The company develops and provides a virtual space "oVice" that helps people to gather in one space, move freely, and interact effectively for the purpose of enhancing remote communication. Since the service was released in August 2020, the number of created spaces has reached over 5,000 in less than a year to be the top virtual space in Japan. Not only as a virtual office for companies of various industries and sizes, but also for online exhibitions, wedding events, and academic activities.

Website: ovice.in
Demo: tour-en.ovice.in
Public Relations: media@ovice.co

Source: oVice, Inc.