Overlake First in Pacific Northwest to Treat Atrial Fibrillation With New FDA-Approved Pulsed Field Ablation

Pulsed Field Ablation Procedure at Overlake Medical Center on Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Overlake Medical Center & Clinics this week became the first hospital in the Pacific Northwest region to successfully treat patients for atrial fibrillation (AFib or AF) utilizing a safer, innovative and minimally invasive treatment technique known as pulsed field ablation (PFA).  

AFib is a type of abnormal heart rhythm that can be significantly detrimental to one’s health if left untreated. An ablation procedure is a common treatment for Afib, which has typically involved either the freezing (cryoablation) or heating (radiofrequency) of heart tissue causing irregular heartbeats. These methods, while effective at treating AFib, can potentially irritate or damage surrounding organs, nerves or blood vessels.  

However, PFA uses neither of these methods, instead sending rapid, pulsed electrical fields to treat the problem heart tissue. These applications are focused on heart cells only and not the surrounding tissues. This U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved technique has proven to be effective in treating irregular heartbeat and minimizes the risk associated with cryoablation or radiofrequency treatments.  

One of the first patients to receive this treatment at Overlake has suffered from AFib for years, and this treatment option is aimed at dramatically enhancing their quality of life.  

“This particular patient has been very symptomatic as a result of having AFib, which has been coming in big waves for them,” says Maheer Gandhavadi, MD, FACC, FHRS, medical director of cardiac electrophysiology at Overlake’s Heart & Vascular Center — which partners with EvergreenHealth Heart Care to form the Eastside Health Alliance. “The patient is really looking forward to having her irregular heartbeat minimized, and we are happy to help by providing this new technology.”  

Overlake Medical Center this week began using two PFA devices, the Medtronic PulseSelect™ and Boston Scientific FARAPULSE™ systems, serving as the only hospital in the Pacific Northwest region to offer treatment for irregular heartbeat with these two inventive devices.  

AFib is a progressive condition affecting more than 59 million people worldwide. Without early intervention, it can progress and become more sustained over time, putting those who suffer from the condition at higher risk for blood clots, stroke and dementia.  

“We are extremely pleased to provide our patients with an advanced new treatment option for this debilitating heart condition,” says J. Michael Marsh, president and CEO of Overlake Medical Center & Clinics. “The work involved in introducing this new technology reflects the commitment of our skilled surgeons and care teams to continue providing innovative and compassionate care to communities across the Puget Sound region and Pacific Northwest.”  

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Source: Overlake Medical Center & Clinics

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