Over Half of Consumers Stand in Support of the Protests

Luth Research, a company that specializes in tracking digital data and market research solutions, surveyed their panel of consumers regarding their thoughts and feelings about the protests. The survey was conducted on June 10, 2020 and are based on a sample of N=305, weighted to the demographics of the U.S. online population.

While over half of respondents stand in support, another 28% said they take a neutral stand and 19% stand against the protests. People under 45 years old and households making over $100k are the most likely to stand in support. Older people (over 55+) are more likely to take a stance against them. As expected, support followed party lines with Democrats being far more likely to support when compared to Republicans.

More notable highlights from our study:

·     The protests have not had an impact on most respondents’ voting decisions. 

·     A fourth (27%) said the protests have had an influence on their vote. However, that influence merely solidified their support of candidates.

·     A smaller, but still meaningful, 17% said the protests have changed whom they are going to vote for.

·     Republicans are more likely to stay firm with the candidates they were going to vote for but interestingly, 14% say they have now decided not to vote.

·     See link for the full report: https://luthresearch.com/infographic/panelists-survey-data-protests-affect-on-voting-week-of-june-8

This survey data will be provided to anyone at no charge. For information about the survey or to receive the survey data, contact Janeen Hazel, jhazel@luthresearch.com.

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Source: Luth Research