Over 100 Validated Xenograft Models for IND Efficacy Testing. Preclinical GLP Research Services by Altogen Labs

Altogen Labs, biology CRO in Austin,Texas provides now 100+ in-house validated xenograft models for cancer research and IND

Altogen Labs, Preclinical Biology CRO

Altogen Labs offers over 100 validated models of cell line-derived xenografts (CDX) and patient-derived xenografts (PDX), including syngeneic xenograft models. Xenograft IND testing services are performed to measure the activity and efficacy of novel anti-cancer compounds based on the rate of engrafted tumor growth. The most recent additions of xenograft models in 2021 consist of T47D (model of breast cancer), SKNAS (neuroblastoma xenograft), HL60 (leukemia model), and H460 (lung cancer xenograft model). Xenografting, or transplanting cells from one species (most commonly human tumor cells) into other species (immunocompromised laboratory mice), is an important method used in preclinical studies to research novel cancer treatment efficacy and safety. Compared to in vitro studies, xenotransplantation allows for more precision and accuracy in tumor representation and anti-cancer drug efficacies. Altogen Labs is a GLP-compliant laboratory that has extensive experience in creating human tumor xenografts, as well as provides preclinical safety and efficacy xenograft studies to the biopharma industry and cancer research centers worldwide.

The company has been providing in vitro and in vivo studies for preclinical cancer research since 2009, featuring over 100 in-house validated xenograft models, development of stable cell lines in 28 days, in vivo RNAi and tissue-targeted delivery technology development services, biomolecule encapsulation, IC-50 assays, and many other types of biology CRO laboratory studies. Altogen Labs has a diverse portfolio of preclinical services that can support their client's unique needs from the study design phase and throughout patent or regulatory submissions.

Preclinical CRO services include: 28-day development of stable cell lines, gene expression and gene silencing (RNAi) studies, cell banking and cryopreservation services, toxicology, PK/PD, etc. Altogen Labs is able to generate stably expressing cell lines in only 28 days. This service is largely sought after in research pertaining to gene function and drug screening, as well as several other areas. This process is very time-consuming and laborious, which is why Altogen Labs is efficacious in being able to produce results with specialized expertise and speed.

About Altogen Labs

Altogen Labs is a GLP-certified biology CRO laboratory headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company provides a spectrum of preclinical research services including safety and efficacy for IND, technology validation, patent application, and regulatory submissions.


Altogen Labs

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