OuterBox Announces Expansion Plans as Staff Count Nears 50

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In response to increased demand for its search marketing and website development services, the digital advertising agency OuterBox is announcing the opening of a second floor. Currently headquartered in the 6,000-square-foot third floor of the Kaiser building in Akron, OH, OuterBox was able to negotiate a deal for the second floor, allowing the business to remain in its current building.

“We love being in downtown Akron and particularly in the Kaiser Building. It’s been our home for the last 6 years and has a lot of character that we worked hard to build into it. Moving is not something we want to do, but the need to expand as we near 50 employees is a pressing issue. The second floor alleviates some of these pains for now, and we’ll continue to investigate options for our next expansion, which we know is right around the corner,” says Justin Smith, CEO at OuterBox.

The success of OuterBox is a result of the innovative ways it delivers service. Years ago, OuterBox invested in custom-developed search marketing reporting software and other key solutions that set the company apart in the market. Having earned national top rankings for itself and for hundreds of other clients, OuterBox uses what its founders have learned over the years to provide data-backed SEO strategies and eCommerce SEO campaigns.

“The reason we can be so successful for clients is that we have the knowledge and expertise, having been in this space for almost 15 years now. There are very few companies who have all of the data points we have at our fingertips. We can look at every task, how we did it and why we did it for hundreds of clients over years and years. That data is invaluable,” Nick Nolan, COO at OuterBox, says.

OuterBox’s future growth plans stem from continuing to do what the company does best, not reinventing its service line.

“All we want to do is deliver the services that we can confidently say we deliver better than anyone in the world,” says Jason Dutt, Partner. “We’re not interested in becoming a print agency or video agency at this time to drive expansion. We plan to dominate our market, the eCommerce website design and development space, and see huge growth opportunities by helping our clients grow their businesses through the web. When we do that, it's a win-win.”

About OuterBox

Launched in 2004, OuterBox is a digital marketing agency and web design company focusing on custom website design, eCommerce website development, and search marketing services such as SEO and paid search marketing. With a constant focus on client ROI, OuterBox retains clients by increasing their profits. OuterBox now boasts of a team of nearly 50, all in-house.

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