Outdoor Products Today: The Full-Service, Informational Outdoors Platform

Outdoor Products Today, a new, full-service outdoors eCommerce and information-based platform dedicated to bringing all outdoors and nature enthusiasts the high-quality products they need to enjoy unforgettable and safe outdoors excursions, this week officially launched its comprehensive platform for everyone looking to get ahead on their holiday shopping.

Born from a passion for placing free, information-based outdoors articles and the industry’s latest gear in one consolidated place, Outdoor Products Today carries everything from expert trackers and FitBit bracelets, to solar-powered outdoors watches.

"The outdoors can be the most beautiful — and dangerous — place for people to travel, which is why we want consumers to be educated and equipped with the products they need to make it memorable," said Joseph Hamilton, Founder and Owner of Outdoor Products Today. "With the right gadgets and equipment, the great outdoors can be a travel reality for just about anyone afraid of the uncertainty and lack of Internet access."

Outdoor Products Today will dually function as both an e-Commerce stop and a blog stop for consumers unsure about which product selection they want to pursue. Outdoor Products Today will update the site weekly to bring brand new articles and blogs that cover everything from hiking and camping tips, to what kind of gear is necessary for safe travel in different climates.

"We're taking care of the information and tedious planning part so prospective adventurers can strap on their travel gadgets and get to work enjoying the great outdoors," said Hamilton. "Spread the word on the opening of our digital doors, and head on over today to get the perfect holiday presents this holiday season."

Outdoor Products Today is officially open for both business and leisurely reading.

For more information, visit outdoorproductstoday.com.

Source: Outdoor Products Today


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