"OUT of the SHADOWS" the Lonnie Fresh STory

"Out of the Shadows" epic journey from homelessness to body building champion and businessman "Out of the Shadows" highlights hidden dangers among obese teenagers who are homeless. "Morphing to 350 lbs. was a pivotal period… I almost destroyed myself trying to lose weight.

 “Out of the Shadows” is the new epic release from Body building champion Lionelle Dixon from New Jersey. This heart wrenching story highlights the dangers of obesity and abandonment among teenagers. In addition the impact homelessness induces for teenagers living with dysfunctional parents.

Lonnie morphed to weigh 350 pounds. He masked his insecurities and distress by eating and not to mention wrestled with feelings of hopelessness he and other siblings felt when his father abandoned the family at the age of six (6). "I remember the forceful sound of the door slamming behind us and he never asked my mother to bring the children in from the rain; I couldn’t believe my dad allowed his children to stand in the cold rain. Who does this? It was this abandonment that haunted my every awakening moment, as well as having to move constantly from shelter to shelter, living with several relatives while trying to get an education, which meant changing schools as often as we had to move. Nothing is worse for a child than to have their time with parents divided between being present for your children and them attempting to have a social life while homeless. It’s ludicrous."

Lionelle finally made a decision to change his life after almost destroying himself trying to lose weight; he discovered the pandemic was also mental and sought development programs with renowned leaders that helped him begin to heal from the inside out.

This enchanting true story of triumph is a winner and highly recommended to anyone struggling with weight and thoughts of destruction.

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