Out of the Gutter Rain Gutter Installation Contractor Expands Services in Orange County

The leading reputable rain gutter contractor in Orange County, California takes massive action to service it's rapidly growing client base. Now offering more services in more locations throughout the county.

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​​​​​This year has seen a period of extraordinary growth for Out Of The Gutter, with new office locations across Orange County designed to reach clients faster than previously possible.

Previously, with clients spread across the region it meant crews spending an incredible amount of time on the road which is never a good thing anywhere, but certainly not in SOCAL!  These new bases have allowed the company to schedule jobs for it's employees in dedicated cities meaning more jobs run per day.

A good thing for the company, but awesome for clients too. The company is the only business in the area that offers same-day gutter repairs so this reorganization means more customers can be reached far more quickly than previously possible. If El-Nino ever hits this is sure to be a home-run!

OTG already offers a free 6 point inspection of roofing and drainage issues whenever on-site and now, following requests from many clients, has launched a full roofing service with it's own team dedicated to new roofs and roof repair.  Solar panel cleaning is also offered.

According to James Bastin, the SEO specialist working with designers on the launch of their new website, most service companies locally have become complacent when it comes to their marketing efforts online and have not realized how valuable a strong web presence is over the long term to their business.

"I've been noticing companies doing business on the cheap by slapping up a templated website or worse still hiring supposed experts to build their web presence without doing much due diligence", he said.

Simple Google searches seem to back this up, it is hard to find a nice looking, user friendly website without trawling through pages.

"In the age of smart devices it's critical for a business to have a fully mobile responsive website that is easy to navigate and shows the customer you care enough about your business to present it appropriately online. It should also have an obvious call to action. Who wants to hire a contractor to work on their most valuable asset when they cannot even care enough about their internet property?", Bastin added.

You can check out the new website here:


"There is serious competition in California for companies to be found by potential customers, and this is only going to become more fierce as others follow companies such as OTG who are leading the way in innovation in terms of their marketing as much as they have been for years in the guttering industry. The next quarter, beginning September we expect to be a record for new customer acquisition and the phone literally ringing off the hook", Bastin says.

Motivated by attention to detail and a desire to beat everyone else to anything he sets his mind to, Bastin finds his client's websites consistently dominating the competition in any market they ask him to target. He does this he says by keeping everything in house and all work being completed manually by personally trained professionals. Others have tried to compete on price by using outsourced work and regretfully overseas "professionals".

"My business is all about customer service, I have learned a lot just watching the dedication to projects that OTG pay each and every customer job. Where others will cut corners to save a buck, they don't. Also they fix mistakes of other contractors. I have modeled by business on their massively successful customer-first approach and it's been reaping dividends", Bastin continued.

Bastin's schedule is usually full, to see if he can help you, visit:


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