OurFamilyWizard Named on the Los Angeles Superior Court List of Approved Online Parenting Tools

The OurFamilyWizard® web and mobile applications (OFW) announced today that it has been awarded a place on the Los Angeles County Superior Court's new approved list of online parenting tools. The court-vetted Online Parenting Tool List names OFW as a resource to be used by parents as the principal means of handling day-to-day communications related to the welfare of their children.

Launched in 2001, the OFW application empowers successful, child-focused communication between divorced or separated parents. Its highly secure toolset is proven in its ability to keep parent communication focused on the children and reduce the need for litigation resulting from "he said/she said" disputes.

"We are honored to be an approved vendor of online parenting tools for LA Superior Court," said Bryan Altman, COO of OFW. "We have spent over a decade working with Los Angeles families, practitioners, and the courts to build tools that create successful outcomes for all involved." The Los Angeles Superior Court is the largest unified trial court in the United States, serving 88 cities with more than 10 million estimated residents.[1]

Family court judges, mediators, and counsel worldwide have included OFW in tens of thousands of parenting agreements. In addition, thousands of parents find OFW without legal intervention. Co-parents use OFW to keep communication focused on their children, keep each other informed, and put their children's schedules, medical records, and expenses at their fingertips using the OFW mobile apps for iOS and Android.

OFW is dedicated to providing its tools to any family that could benefit from them and continually offers discounted or free accounts to parents who qualify. Free Professional Accounts allow counsel, neutral facilitators, and family court services to link with clients and manage communication using the OFW practitioner app.

For more information about the OFW application, visit www.OurFamilyWizard.com.

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[1] "QuickFacts Los Angeles County, California." U.S. Census Bureau, https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/table/losangelescountycalifornia/PST045216. Accessed 9 January 2018. 

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