Our.News Partners With Educational Vistas to Give Students at Over 350 School Districts the Tools to Combat Fake News

New partnership provides valuable resource for students, administrators, parents, and teachers and marks next stage of company growth.

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Our.News, a news tech startup with a mission to combat misinformation using a crowdsourced news validation platform, announced today a new partnership with Educational Vistas to give students, parents, and teachers at over 350 school districts across New York the tools to think critically about current events, journalism, and news coverage.

The technology, powered by Our.News, will allow students, administrators, parents, and teachers to participate in the news by fact-checking and rating news content for spin, trust, accuracy and relevancy. The integration of the validated news feed into the school’s current interface will be done at no additional cost.

Well-informed citizens - in this case the academic community - are being equipped with the latest technology to form the best line of defense against the spread of misinformation.

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"In today's hyper-partisan political environment, Our.News stands alone as the emerging unbiased source for information and current stories of interest,” said Scott Crowder, CEO of Educational Vistas. “The unique mix of user and reader ratings along with anti-bias algorithms separates this feed from all others. It is desperately needed by all news consumers.”

"Well-informed citizens – in this case the academic community – are being equipped with the latest technology to form the best line of defense against the spread of misinformation,” said Richard Zack, CEO of Our.News. “We are proud to partner with Educational Vistas to bring Our.News’ best-in-class platform to school portals, building on their more than 20 year track record of providing the best educational technology to school districts in New York State."

The partnership with Educational Vistas marks a major new stage in Our.News’ growth, providing additional markets while providing a critical resource for schools. While the validated news feed is rolled out to districts across the state, Our.News and Educational Vistas are working on a second phase of the partnership that includes developing associated curriculum for classrooms to best use the Our.News platform. 

About Our.News

Our.News aims to combat misinformation and fake news by making it easy for everyone to separate fact from fiction, and to judge for themselves what’s factual, well-reported & unbiased—and what isn’t. It uses a combination of crowdsourcing and patent-pending algorithms to provide neutral background data, ratings, sources, related articles, and more, and then allows the public to rate the news or digital content for several factors. With more than 82% of the public sometimes finding it difficult to know what’s true online, Our.News provides a neutral, transparent, and effective solution. The company was founded in 2016, the beta website and integration tools are online now, and the mobile version is planned for release in 2018.

About Educational Vistas Inc.

For over 24 years, Educational Vistas, Inc. (EVI) has been providing schools and districts with both software products and services. We have developed leading educational management systems and in-district services that are assisting schools to improve student performance and the educational entity as a whole. EVI brings a systemic, integrated approach and efficiency to everything that we do. This translates directly to cost savings, faster and better decision making, improvement in data and information quality, and the elimination of data redundancy. We are techno-byte-head-geeks and educators working together to provide best products and services available.

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