Othopedic Perforated Neoprene Comfort Sleeves Made In America.

Coral Reef U.S.A. introduces there new line of perforated neoprene comfort sleeves for the Orthopedic profession. 30 years of experience manufacturing Neoprene products. Makers of wetsuits for the surfing, diving and watercraft industry

Introducing the Orthopedic comfort sleeves by Coral Reef U.S.A.

manufacture of high quality surfing, and diving wetsuits for over

30 years. Now By popular demand, they added the Orthopedic Comfort

Sleeves to there Line of Durable Long Lasting neoprene products.

With 30 Years of Knowledge and expertize with Manufacturing in

their tool box, they have designed an orthopedic articulated

perforated breathable brace sleeve that eliminates excessive

moisture buildup, with a higher Quality in construction &

superior design than that of other sleeves. With this new design,

the comfort and fit of the sleeve's have improved immensely, this

new orthopedic articulated comfort sleeve makes the standard

neoprene sleeves obsolete, and now you will be able to sell a

superior fitting product for relatively the same price as the

competitions imported model or domestic lower quality neoprene

sleeve. So price is not an issue, Coral Reef has made them very

affordable and with on time shipping anywhere in the U.S., Coral

Reef makes all their products in California U.S.A., so you can

feel confident in selling the product to your clients. Over the

years they developed a specialty blended Trademarked neoprene

called THERMOFLEX that increases comfort, and will last much

longer than all the competition on the market today, Thermoflex

neoprene is only sold through Coral Reef U.S.A. or Their

Licensee's, Coral Reef's repair center also does repairs of

existing neoprene sleeve at their California location, and they

make special order Custom fitted sleeves for those hard to fit

brace's. For more information call 714.894.3483 or email tony at


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